Jewelry Tutorial – How to Use the Side Cail as Bail for Side Drill Drops

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Use the Side Cail as Bail for Side Drill Drops

The Side Cail is the perfect bail for briolettes (side drilled drops)

Begin by forming the Side Cail to fit the drop – measuring the width where the drill holes are.  The width of stones usually varies in most strands, so you want to do this for individual drops and not do them all at once.  It is best to use nylon coated pliers or wrap masking tape around your pliers to prevent scratches.

Once you’re happy with the formation, take a piece of wire and thread through the Side Cail and drop in place.  The gauge of the wire should be thick enough that 2x the thickness would not go through the hole because you will be bending it as a stop.

Take one end and fold the wire back (as short of a fold as you can make it – but keep in mind you will have to do the same on the other side and the lengths should be even).  Take chain nose pliers and press down to flatten.  Now you have a stop and the wire will not go back through the Side Cail.
Next, tighten any slack by shifting everything against that kinked wire stop.

Take the other end of the wire and make a tight 1/2 loop – as small as possible.  Trim excess wire.  While pinching the Side Cail closely together to reduce slack, take your pliers and flatten the curve end wire (as you have done the first time).  Adjust and straighten as needed.  Now it is done and the piece is ready to add onto a chain or a hook for earrings.

Feel free to also shape the top loop with pliers to add any flare or flourish.
The Side Cail, along with other Amoracast jewellery component designs, are  available at your favorite jewellery supply store.  If they do not stock this item, feel free to share this video with them.
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