Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make Chandelier Earrings with Chain and Beads

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make Chandelier Earrings with Chain and Beads


Chandelier earrings can be easily made with chains.  All of the components can be substituted, but it is essential that the hole of the small beads is smaller than 2x the pin diameter (so that when you fold back the pin, it stops the bead from being able to slide out).

Tip – I cut the sections of the chain by threading a long pin though the middle of chains and trimming the bottom.  This will make sure that your pairs of chains are equal length and the pin holds the place where your earring hook should thread through.

Tip – you can use wire to thread through the beads, but a 24 gauge head pin is much easier and our gold filled head pins are pre-hardened.  Just easier.

Thread bead, chain, beads, chain, followed by another end bead.  (The little beads act to keep the chain in place.  You can skip the outside beads if the link of the chain is very small and you don’t need beads with small holes to keep the pin from sliding out.) Take pliers and bend a little bit of one end of the pin and press down flat.  This creates the stop.  Then slide everything to one side (removing any slack), trim the pin a little bit and do the same – bend the pin and press down flush.  

Now slide the earring hook in place of the pin that you had used as a placeholder.  You can now bend the stick of beads slightly into a curve, if desired.

Components I have used in this video:

Faceted Garnet briolette 5x7mm $19/str of 10 drops (MSGAR)

Gold filled beads 2mm seamless $0.23 ea (FD2HG)

Gold filled head pin 24 ga $0.22 ea (Fi0ZG)

Gold filled cable oval chain $18.61/m $5.67/ft (CO16G)

Gold filled earring hook with ball $2.55/pr (FE6HG)