Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make a Basic Wire Wrap for a Top Drilled Drop

To wire wrap top drill (sometimes called a side drill) drop (often called a briolette), you can do a basic wrap with a loop, or a fancier wrap, with lots of wire around the tip. 

This video shows the basic technique.  

Start by cutting 2″ of wire (more if larger drop, or less if the drop is small or you are doing fewer wraps).  Put wire through the bead, with one side slightly shorter than the other. 

Bring the wires together over the top of the bead and pinch together, leaving as little slack over the tip as possible.  Then fold the shorter wire around the longer wire and wrap around at least once (more if desired).  Trim excess shorter wire. 

Using a pair of round nose pliers, make a loop with the longer wire.  Then, holding the loop with a pair of chain nose (flat) pliers, wrap the wire below the loop, and downward).  Trim excess wire and straighten.

Music Credit:   Bensound 

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