Jewelry Tutorial – Finishing A Wire Bracelet With Clasp

Jewelry Tutorial – Finishing A Wire Bracelet With Clasp

After you have strung all of the beads on wire, first thread the crimp bead (you can use a crimp tube if you prefer), then use a wire guardian (this will protect the wire from fraying in the future as you wear it often).  Before threading back into the crimp bead, add a solder ring to the wire guardian.  

Thread the wire back down through the crimp bead – this gives you a closed loop.  To give the bracelet more security, thread the wire through a few more beads.  (Tip – If the holes of the other beads are too small for the wire to go back through, you may consider adding more crimp beads).  Pinch the ends of the wire guardian closer together so that it ends up looking more like a loop (it’s just aesthetics – doesn’t add more to security).

Squeeze the crimp bead down securely and add crimp cover.  
Trim excess wire.
Do the same thing on the other end of the bracelet.  Instead of another soldered ring, you can wish to thread the clasp directly into the wire guardian.  

Tip – when tightening the wire and removing any slack in the wire (so that no wire shows when you wear the bracelet), don’t make it too tight – it may create stress on the wire or crack some beads when worn.  When you pull on the wire, do it in a circle (the way it will be worn).  This way, it will not be too tight and you can see if there’s any space that needs to be closed up.

I used gold filled in this video, but we stock 925 silver, and in different sizes.  Here are the components used in the video (with online product code)

Crimp bead 2mm seamless 0.8mm hole (FD2HG

Crimp cover 3mm (FDE2G

Soldered Ring 4mm 22 gauge (FN0WG

Wire guardian 5x4mm (FKAXG

Spring ring lock 5mm (FKAJG

Soft Flex Very Fine 0.25mm diameter (FW0HO)  10 ft spool

Natural Aquamarine micro faceted beads 3mm rd (SQ0RO) strand of 102 beads