Charm Holder – Using Soldered Rings

Charm Holder – Using Soldered Rings

Jewelry Tutorial – Easy Steps to Make a Soldered Ring Charm Holder Pendant

This video will show you how to easily make a soldered ring pendant that can hold multiple charms – while remaining weight balanced! This method is guaranteed to work for ANY shaped soldered ring or frame.

Oval, rectangle, square and organically shaped rings may slide naturally due to gravity. You will find that they might not stay in the position you want. In this example, I want my design to be an oval ring that will go sideways. If i were to design this using a simple jump ring, it will naturally want to go long vertically.

I can solder a ring in the middle and that would solve the problem. However, if I do not wish to solder the ring, I will have to wire wrap.

To start, ake a length of wire (length depends on how many wraps you wish to make and how large the hoop you wish to create for the chain to go through), and make your top loop first. You will then need to wrap tightly around the frame of your soldered ring.

Note, to avoid the pendant from wanting to spin sideways, do the coils the same direction, right and left, of the center ring. Also, make sure it is the same number of coils on the right and left of the center loop.

Don’t forget to remove any slack as you coil! If your frame is irregular, make sure you check that it is weight balanced the way you want it to hang. Check by hanging the finished soldered ring on a chain or earring hook. Adjust the position of the coils until you are satisfied and then press down to secure. You can use any of your favorite beads or charms. This is a great way to use those lovely beads where you only have a few left.