Jewelry Tutorial – Easiest Way to Make a Ring – Chain Ring Wire Wrapping

Jewelry Tutorial – Easiest Way to Make a Ring – Chain Ring Wire Wrapping

This is literally the easiest ring that you can make, but with professional looking results!
You simply need a bit of soldered chain and some wire. 

Measure the chain around the knuckle.  Usually our knuckles are thicker than the base of the finger, where the ring will likely be worn.  Allow for the length of your wire wrap (only you know how large your wrap is and you can figure that out with a bit of practice).  

Cut the chain, wrap a loop closed with one end of the chain inside the loop.  Let the chain drop naturally to make sure it is not twisted before threading the other end of the wire through the other end of the chain.  Bring the chain around and wrap the other end, closing the wrap like a figure 8.  Adjust, trim excess wire, check to make sure ends are not sharp and pinch down the wire end with pliers if necessary.

Note: if you want a bead in the ring, add that before closing the other wrap.  This same principle applies regardless of the size of bead you want.

The chain needs to be soldered because you might be rough with a ring throughout the day and, unless the chain is soldered, the links can pop open.

Any chain will do as long as it is comfortable for you to wear, so, not too thick and links too hard and long.  It would be ideal for the chain not to be plated because the base metal may come through and mark your fingers.  So, gold filled and 925 silver would be best, if you’re budget conscious.  However, it can be base metal if you’re not wearing it often or too long.

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