Jewelry Tutorial – Adding Ribbon Tie to Beaded Necklace

Jewelry Tutorial – Adding Ribbon Tie to Beaded Necklace

How to create a ribbon tie for a necklace when the beads are too small to thread the ribbon through?

It is rather simple – start by ending the necklace with soldered jump rings.  Make sure they are big enough for the ribbon to go through when doubled. 

In this video, I have 6mm jump rings and had threaded the necklace using Softflex.

Tip – The ribbon is rather thick so I cut a small piece of leftover Softflex to fold over as a needle to help guide it through, and I can pull with pliers if needed.

Once the ribbon is through and a loop is created, I fold the other end of the ribbon back through the loop, tying it around the soldered jump ring. Now you have secure ribbons to tie with.

Tip – leave the ribbon much longer than you intend and trim as you like later. 

I am really liking the ribbon look and you can wear the piece long, with more of the ribbon being exposed. This idea works for all sorts of tying material – leather strips, silk scarf (if the rings are large enough, twine and regular cord.