Jewelry Projects – How to Make Dragonfly Bead Earrings

Dragonfly earrings are not just an easy design to make but they’re also easy to experiment with when you make your own.

You’ll need the following components:

Take one of your ball pins and start adding the crystals, you can add them in any order however the smallest crystals tend to look best at the bottom for this design.  The crystals I’m using are 4mm Swarovski bicones, make sure they’re snug against the ball pin and are laying evenly. Once the 4mms are all on, add a 6mm Swarovski bicone, followed by a Dragonfly bead in any direction you like. Add a 5mm bicone to hold the wings in place and it also acts as the head of the Dragonfly.

Dragonfly Beads in Gold Vermeil!

Once all the beads are on make a simple wire wrap loop with a pair of round nosed pliers, the small size works the best. Making a loop helps to secure the beads and gives us something to hang the earrings hook from.  Don’t be too rough when wire wrapping, apply gentle pressure and make small adjustments as you go to ensure that the loop is round and lies straight, otherwise your earring will hang at an odd angle. After forming the loop clip off the excess with a pair of wire cutters.

And there you have it, a sparkly little dragonfly!

Watch the video!

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