Jewelry Making Techniques – How To Wire Wrap A Decorative Pendant

This videos demonstrates how to create a decorative pendant. 

When the pendant has a wide or flat edge or bottom, you can wrap multiple wires to create a metal accent in the middle of the pendant.  The secret is to pinch the wires together at each stage and to keep consistent tension throughout. I’ve got 12 inches of gold-filled 26 gauge wire. First I create a neck, then I wrap the wire around the top which secures it. Then I pinch it which keeps it tight and I maintain sufficient tension on it. I’m not criss crossing but you can if you want, just keep the tension on it and keep pinching it to make sure it’s tight and the wires are close together. The last step is to reshape the hole with a pair of pliers  if needed and make sure the wires aren’t obstructing it.  


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