Stud Earrings – Professional Look

Stud Earrings – Professional Look

Jewelry Hack Tutorial -Ball Studs for Beginners

In this video, I show one of my favorite hacks for creating handmade silversmith looking stud earrings – quickly and professionally.

Instead of filing and hammering silver, followed by soldering on the post, I simply start with factory made ball studs.  This eliminates the need to do soldering later.

Note that the ball stud earrings are almost always hollow.  Therefore, you do not want to hammer or crimp too hard – just do it enough to mark the surfaces.  Use solid 925 silver studs, never plated as the plating will come off and the base metal underneath will show.

You can create a satin brushed finish using steel wool. For a hammered look, use a pair of pliers and gently squeeze all around the ball, making sure all surfaces are covered with markings.

Like to make your own studs? Try this!

The pair of stud earrings I’ve used in this video: 4mm 925 Silver – online product code FEK1S