Jasper is one of the most varied and visually diverse gemstones available, and can be seen in virtually any combination of brick reds, honey yellows, avocado greens, gunmetal greys, and sky blues, not to mention a host of other colours that the jasper world has to offer. This intriguing member of the chalcedony family originally takes its name from the Persian yashp, which means “spotted stone&”, and has trickled in translation through Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and French to arrive at its currently used English moniker. This linguistic transition hints at Jaspe’s long history and use by all sorts of different cultures.

The Jasper stone’s spots come from the developing gemstone’s contact with minerals like iron oxide, who take all the credit for producing jasper’s enormous variety of colours and patterns. Enigmatic striations and other fantastic formations on the opaque surface of the stone are usually highlighted by a rounded shape and high-gloss polish, showcasing jasper’s organic beauty.

In the Medieval Era jasper was thought to heal insanity and cure snake bites. Present day gemstone healers value the stone for its power to treat stomach disorders, detoxify the system, and promote good health in the liver and intestine.

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