Instagram Tips That Actually Grow Your Business Part 1

Instagram Tips That Actually Grow Your Business Part 1

I’m going to share my Instagram Journey with you . 

All the tips I have learned and the mistakes I’ve made!!! I have built my follower base from 2k to over 40k, organically, through trial and error, and by myself! I don’t have technical training nor was I ever very active on social media before this undertaking. However, I have built a significant following on Instagram and have been able to monetize this simple yet effective marketing tool. So, if I can do it, you can, too!

I use user-friendly (iPhone) and inexpensive equipment and free Apps to create all of my content, and I do the editing and posting all by myself. I believe in keeping costs low and keeping it authentic. I share information on photo taking, equipment and hacks I’ve learned along the way. On Instagram – search #SFhowto for short videos clip on how to make jewellery as well as photo taking. I will be posting tips under #InstaInsider.

I feel that businesses can no longer afford to operate without a presence on a social media platform as it is the new calling card and a number of traditional marketing tools, such as trade shows and magazines, have become less effective because of poor attendance and declining readership. I will be sharing hard and honest numbers and straight facts in my upcoming videos. (Please subscribe and stay tuned).

For example – with 40k followers, I am averaging about 2200-5000 profile visits per week to our bio and website link. I spend about 8 hours per week on social media (mostly Instagram), including content creation, photo taking and selling/responding to sales inquiries. Compare this to a local wholesale trade show that has just over 2000 qualified buyers – at a cost of about $6000 plus labour and time. For shows that are farther away and slightly larger, the cost is about $15-$22k. Although very few of the Instagram inquiries turn into paying customers, the same could be said for trade shows. In both cases, I have met large volume repeat customers. As more consumers and businesses become comfortable with online shopping – they have been, and with phenomenal speed – social media and online marketing will become the vital tool for business growth. I hope you will find my videos useful for your business or side hustle – please excuse the amateurish videos. If you’ve read the above, you would know that I’m doing this all myself and I have a thriving business to run as well!