How to Wire Wrap a Side Drilled Stone 2

How to Wire Wrap a Side Drilled Stone 2

Learn how to wire wrap a side drilled stone using sterling silver wire. This basic jewelry making skill will allow you to use semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and crystals in your jewellery. Using this technique you can make necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

We’re using a pear shaped faceted dyed green Jade, round nosed pilers, nail clippers and 24 Gauge Dead Soft SterlingSilver wire.
Grab a piece of the 24 gauge wire, and slide on the stone. Leave yourself 3/4 of an inch on the short end of the wire and bend over the edge of the stone, do the same with the longer piece forming an x.

Wrap the shorter end of the wire two times around at the tip of the stone. Clip off the excess from the shorter end with a pair of nail clippers.

Now bend the longer piece of wire at an angle and wrap it over the round nose pliers to form a loop. Straighten out the loop, and then grab the loop and wrap the wire around 1 1/2 times. Clip off the excess with the nail clippers and there you have it, a wire wrapped side drilled stone.

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