How to Micro Weld a Trinity Ring – Unleash Your Creativity with Micro Welding 

How to Micro Weld a Trinity Ring – Unleash Your Creativity with Micro Welding 

In this video, I demonstrate how to easily make a trinity rolling ring (a ring that has three rings intertwined, which roll as you take it on and off) using 18 gauge (1.2mm thick) 925 silver wire and welding it with the Orion mPulse 30 micro welder.

I made the same ring years ago, using traditional flame and soldering. However, I have found welding to be much easier. I made this ring on my first try and filmed it in this video – I just kept the camera rolling as I talked about my steps. I figured, worse comes to worse I can just delete it if it doesn’t work out.  However, it was incredibly easy. 

A rolling ring needs to be bigger than a regular ring because you need room for the three bands to roll smoothly. My intended finger is usually size 7 1/2, but I cut the wires at size 9 and it fit perfectly. So, I would suggest that you go one and a half sizes up if you are using 18 gauge wire. If you are using thicker wire, you will have to go even more than one and a half sizes up. 

Here is a ring chart so that you can see the length of wire you will need for the size (circumference) of ring you want. Note that, if you do not know the size of your finger, you can measure easily with a piece of string.  However, you will need to add about 3 mm to it due to the thickness of wire and for security in case something goes wrong in your measurement – you don’t want it to tight, but you can always trim it if it is too loose. I would suggest that you purchase a metal ring sizer that you can hammer wires onto for sizing. They are inexpensive and can be purchased at any silversmithing supply store. The best hammer to use is either a wood or leather mallet, but if you do not have one, you can use a hammer and wrap it in a t-shirt, or some fabric to soften the hammering. You don’t want to flatten the band or create marks on it during the forming process. This method of welding works for any metal which conducts electricity.  

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