The Orion Micro Welder – Welding Forever Bracelets

The Orion Micro Welder – Welding Forever Bracelets

Use The Orion Micro Welder to weld your Forever Bracelets

In this video, I show the process of welding a Forever Bracelet, also known as a Promise Bracelet or an Infinity Bracelet, using the Orion Micro Welder mPulse model.

The premise of this style of bracelet is that it is permanent.  Often friends get matching bracelets, or that there is meaning attached to the bracelet and that it is permanent – forever.  There is no clasp and the chain is welded straight around the wrist.

Often they are made with 10k or 14k solid gold, 925 silver or gold filled.  I would not suggest plated chains as the plating might flake off and won’t last as long.

My daughter wanted one of these forever bracelets and we selected a trendy paperclip chain style in 14/20k gold filled.  

I measured her wrist and used a 24 ga 3mm jump ring as connection.  It is important to know that the wires of the jump ring opening must be completely flush – the ends must touch in order to weld together since there is no solder being used.  If you’re using wire or home made jump rings, file the ends flat so they meet with the maximum amount of contact.  

TIP: Use a piece of leather to protect the skin from any sparks or possible fly-aways.  If you don’t have leather, use a thick piece of canvas or jean material – do not use synthetics like nylon, which will burn or melt.

Then I clip the ground (the alligator clip) to one side of the jump ring (away from the connection) and touch the electrode right on the seam I am trying to weld.  I failed my first attempt by dialing to 12.5 Watts of power – it was far too powerful.  The jump ring ends melted and shriveled backwards.

In my second attempt, I dialed down to 7.5 Watts of power and it worked very easily.  I noticed it still melted the jump ring more than necessary.  After this video, I tried it again with 5 Watts and it was perfect.  The electrode I used was 1mm.  I know that Orion makes thinner electrodes, but this one worked without any problems.

Fire scale happens when oxygen burns.  You’ll have the same in soldering with a flame.  There is an argon gas connector that you can purchase for all models of the Orion Micro Welder.  I own one and I found that the puff of argon gas minimized the fire scale because it blew away the oxygen during welding.  However, it did not eliminate it completely.   It is also expensive to keep refilling the argon gas. 

Hack – I used an eraser on the back of the pencil to rub away any fire scale.  If you’re using a chain that has many crevices and texture, you may wish to use a brush or soft steel wool to remove the fire scale.

Components I used:

Paper Clip chain 2mmx5.5mm gold filled – CE01G

Jump Ring 3mm 24 ga (0.51mm) gold filled – FJ12G