How to Turn Press on your Jewellery

How to Turn Press on your Jewellery
Press Coverage – How to Turn Press on your Jewellery Designs into Money

Over the years I have received print press coverage by Fashion Magazine, Toronto Life, Flare, Chatelaine, , and by national newspapers. Most of these were submissions by retail boutiques to which I wholesale my collections. They all have mention of my company name and the photography is always superb. I’ve been meaning to for years to turn press coverage into strong marketing tools. I know I can do this and should know how to do it. After all, I went through an awful MBA program and worked through more than 6 courses on strategy and marketing. I have friends in the public relations industry who have been giving me advice through the years, and I’ve traveled to many countries and seen how strong firms utilize press coverage to increase sales. But self-promotion goes against the grain of my upbringing. Well, I am here to tell you that if you have the same problem, then overcome it and I will show you how to turn press coverage on your jewellery designs and company into strong marketing tools that will help you enter into new territories and gain profit growth.

Press is built on momentum, regardless of good press or bad. The more press you already have, the easier it is to get more. Every venue in the fashion world wants to be in the “know” and no one wants to be out of the loop in mentioning what is the “hottest ticket”. So, strike while the iron is hot and take advantage of the momentum.

Mention the Press Coverage on your website

You should always put it up on your website. It adds credibility to you as a designer. It works equally for consumers as well as wholesale customers, the more the better. Check out how some of the better brands do it. It is better to include the cover of the magazine for the edition in which your designs have been featured.

Frame it

Frame the press coverage or plaque the write up and feature pictures. You notice that restaurants do that with great success in attracting more patrons. You can do the same in your studio or office. Just as it does on your website, it adds credibility and validity as to why they should buy from you.

Create a P.O.P. (point of purchase) display

Select the best feature(s) and digitally create a little 4×6 or 5×7 (larger if the retail display allows) card. Frame it using clear acrylic to minimize the size, or use a display that is congruent with the style of your collection. If possible, send one out to each retail boutique that carries your line. It does wonders for increasing sales and helps boost the retailer’s image.

Create a portfolio

Create a tasteful portfolio of the press coverage you’ve received, in reverse chronological order. Just like a model’s look book that she brings to her casting calls, it helps your sales representative when making sales calls to new boutiques. This portfolio should always be in your booth at tradeshows, and with you when you meet potential sales representatives. You should also send a lighter version of this portfolio with the product samples which you send to media for PR, or to celebrities for future press.