How to Make and Weld Sterling Silver Wire Heart Stud Earrings – Unleash Your Creativity Episode 8

How to Make and Weld Sterling Silver Wire Heart Stud Earrings – Unleash Your Creativity Episode 8

In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to make these heart stud earrings using sterling silver wire, and welding it to stud posts.

If you do not own a welder, you can solder with a flame torch. The method for forming the wire hearts remains the same.

Here I am using 24 gauge half hard wire and I prefer hardwire when forming curvatures because it is easier to form curves with wires that have more resistance. However, you can achieve the same thing by work-hardening the wire in a plastic and shaking the wire for a couple of minutes before using it. Also, you can form curves over round nose pliers.  These just require an extra step if you do not have half hard or hard wire.

I use the Orion mPulse micro welder to weld these earrings, but you can do this with any arc pulse welder that has the power of 10W or more, Including the Zapp Micro Welder.  (Note: If you are using very heavy wire, or a thick sheet for welding, you may need to use higher power as I have demonstrated in other videos.)

Tip: When micro welding, use a stud post which already has a base because you are not using any solder.  If you do not have a stud post that has a base, you can create a base by balling the end. This will give more metal surface to weld with.

Tip: When preparing earrings, I always find it much easier to cut in pairs at the same time, before doing any manipulation, because slight variation in length or width will create a different looking earring.  

Tip: I made the mistake of welding directly on top of the ADL base (made of hardened plastic).  I was being lazy, and it left a mark. It is always a good idea to use a soldering stone, which is heat and crack resistant. If you do not have this, simply use the back of a ceramic tile. While I would not recommend a tile for soldering, where you have extremely high heat that will cause the tile to crack, arc pulse welding does not generate the same amount of heat.

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The components used in this video: