How to Make a Permanent Bracelet with Old Jewelry

How to Make a Permanent Bracelet with Old Jewelry

We all have old jewelry that is beautiful or has sentimental value that we can no longer wear. For example, baby ring, single earring from a lost pair, inherited ring…we all have lots of those!

You can now turn old jewelry into an unique permanent bracelet that is both sentimental and an interesting conversation piece.

In this video, I filmed the process of turning an antique ring into a bracelet, welding with the Orion Micro Welder mPulse.  You can substitute the chain for any that suits the focal piece you are using. You can also make one with a clasp, but this is permanently welded closed.

Note: You don’t need to have the welder in order to create this bracelet or use this idea. You can use slightly thicker jump rings (gold filled are harder than sterling silver) and just close it. Here are the components I’ve used (with online product code – all available through the link below):

6x8mm gold filled Cable Oval chain (CO15G)

6mm 20ga jump ring – gold filled (FJ1DG)