How to Display Jewelry

How to Display Jewelry

For Jewellery Designers and More

Jewellery displays are a very important element in selling your sterling silver jewellery. I’ve experienced jewellery displays that had very little to do with the sterling silver jewellery, and more of the display itself. You want to display your jewellery. And you want to have a jewellery display that does exactly that, displays your jewellery in the best way possible. You want a jewellery display that makes your jewellery accessible to your clients.

Using your jewellery display can be a good way to explain and describe your jewellery. If your sterling silver jewellery and semi-precious stones that have been inspired by nature, you could display jewellery pieces hanging off the branch of a tree. I have also seen simple, yet visually stimulating displays of a shallow dish with rice or coffee beans and the jewellery laid with it in, often supporting it, or propping it up.

You want your jewellery display to be approachable at all times. Confusing or intimating displays are something you should avoid, as your customer will not touch it, pick it up, and most importantly try it on. In your jewellery display, having a mirror incorporated or close by is also very important. Once the customer sees how amazing your sterling silver jewellery looks on their body, it’s much more appealing, and the desire to own it is much stronger.

Purchasing a premade jewellery display is an excellent way to show off your jewellery in a beautiful organized manner. Having a quick and simple set up is often appreciated for short term events and shows. Quick set up and quick take down are always important factors, especially if you’re doing the show alone. Other useful tips to remember while doing a show is if you’re displaying your jewellery on a cloth board or a velvet board, having a lint roller is an fast and easy way to clean up before and even during the show. I’ve done several outdoor shows in the summer months, most of which are accompanied by dust and dirt that had been kicked up from people walking by. Another thing to have with you always is glass cleaner and paper towels, these items will be good to clean your glass displays and your mirror. The same dust will also accumulate on these surfaces as well.

If you’re at a bridal event, having a jewellery display with a veil or a bust with white satin will be very inspiring for the bride-to-be. If you’re at an event, a common issue is the constant leaning over the surface of the table to see some of the jewellery that has been laid flat. If this is your only way to display your jewellery then I would suggest adding to your table. It’s quite simple: using the existing table provided or with your own table, add on a piece of PVC piping to each leg (you can purchase this from Rona and just get four pieces all cut to the same length: around 25mm- 35mm). Or any other durable object that will bring the same amount of height to each leg – like a milk crate or a mini step stool.