How to Clean Sterling Silver Permanent Bracelets – Jewelry Tutorial

 How to Clean Sterling Silver Permanent Bracelets –  Jewelry Tutorial

This video shows you the best way to clean sterling silver permanent bracelets. Very important to know as permanent bracelets cannot be removed the jewelry for cleaning.

To demonstrate, I took some very old and tarnished sterling silver chain and made it into a permanent bracelet (in other words, no clasp where I can unlock and remove).

You can see the difference in colour compared to another silver chain I am wearing.

I take thin latex gloves, which I use with hair dye. If you wear the bracelet loosely or you have thin kitchen gloves, those will work fine. I put on the gloves and carefully slip the bracelet over the glove. This will form a protective layer between the bracelet and the wrist.

Using an old toothbrush, I apply silver dip / liquid silver cleaner generously on the sterling silver permanent bracelet. Point your hand downward so that any excess liquid cleaning drips toward the fingertips, away from the wrist. Wait 30 seconds, scrub thoroughly, and then rinse thoroughly in warm water. All done!

The clean is instantaneous! For less stubborn stains/tarnish, you clean using whitening toothpaste or baking soda.

Note: This method only cleans sterling silver. You cannot do this with silver plated chains (which should never be used for permanent jewelry anyway). The plating is too thin and will wear out with the cleaning agent.