How to Attach Jump Rings To Bezels – Micro Welding Tutorial for Permanent Jewelry

How to Attach Jump Rings To Bezels – Micro Welding Tutorial for Permanent Jewelry

In this video, I demonstrate the best and easiest way to turn a pendant into a connector, by welding a jump ring onto a bezel.

A bezel is a method of stone setting, whereby a strip of metal (in this case silver) encases the edge, surrounding the stone.

Round bezels are the hardest to connect because of their curvature. There is very little flat space to connect with a round jump ring. Most methods of connecting a jump ring to a bezel is by soldering. It acts like a pasty glue, filling the gap and creating more support.

You can create a greater amount of area, where the bezel touches the jump ring, by either flattening the jump rings or creating a slight groove in the bezel.  

First, mark the position of the jump ring on the bezel using a fine marker.  You can then create a groove by using a round metal file and filed the marking. In this way, the jump ring will sit in the groove and have more surface area that is touching.

Note: Using a Third Arm tweezer weighted holder makes a big difference in holding the pieces steady for the weld.

Weld where the bezel and jump ring touch.  Try to weld the entire connection for security.

After welding, you can also create more support by using very thin metal wire and welding it to the Kravis, where the bezel and the jump ring meet.  This method is not very easy, and also not recommended for any metal that is plated or gold filled.  The result is not as smooth as using solder, but you can file it down smoothly.

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