How to Add Versatility to a Short Necklace: A Step-by-Step Guide for Custom Jewelry Design

How to Add Versatility to a Short Necklace: A Step-by-Step Guide for Custom Jewelry Design

In this video, I will demonstrate a design tip that can add versatility to any traditional short necklace, whether it is beaded or a chain necklace. This is an especially useful when you sell jewelry and may have old inventory, or need to customize for someone who is taller, larger or older (and don’t like short necklaces that emphasize sagging skin around the collar bone – it’s actually a common thing and I’m not making it up!).

You don’t have to have a welder to do this if your links and rings are large enough to all jump rings that are 18ga or heavier to go through. Then you can leave it unwelded and it will likely not unravel on its own.  If the stones are much heavier, you might need even thicker jump rings if you are not welding or soldering.

Here is the how to do it and some tips to remember

  • Simply remove the clasp and extension chain from the existing traditional short pearl necklace.  
  • Then add 2 equal length chains to either ends of the necklace.  
  • The length should be determined by the maximum length of the necklace you want, less the old (existing) necklace.
  • The chain links must be large enough to allow you to clasp the lock into the link.  
  • Add clasps to the ends of each of the chains.

So now, for full length, lock the clasps onto one another.

For any short lengths, lock the clasp to the opposite chain’s links, to create whatever desired length.

Note that the minimum length of the necklace will be the original necklace plus the length of ONE of the chains UNLESS you use very large jump rings in your connection that will allow the entire clasp and chain to thread through.  In that case, you can make the chain part even shorter by threading the chain through the ring and back.

Tools and Materials Used

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