How much does it COST to start a Permanent Jewelry (PJ) Business – Small Business Break Down

How much does it COST to start a Permanent Jewelry (PJ) Business – Small Business Break Down

In this video, I will attempt to thoroughly answer the question: How much does it cost to start my own PJ business?

I get asked this question A LOT because it’s actually not a lot and it is very profitable. If you actually look on social media and track some of the businesses offering this service, you will find many of them started out as side hustles. They have now financed the opening of stores and boutiques, some even multiple locations, and expanded into bigger businesses within a short period of time.

How much does it COST to start a Permanent Jewelry (PJ) Business – Small Business Break Down

I have also created a checklist for everything you will need to start a PJ business (from tools to paperwork): 

For the investment costs we need to consider include the machinery and all the tools and accessories that you will need to weld, training, furniture and advertisement, and perhaps registration and insurance.

Full disclosure: I distribute Sunstone micro welders. They are the top of the line welders, known for their reliability, warranty and value.  

They are also the most popular and safest welders used by PJ artists world wide. I personally have not used any no-name welders, and there are mixed reviews on welding reliability and there have been safety issues. 

As a business, I think it is much wiser to go with more reliable equipment – it will signal to your clients that you care about their safety and that you’re a luxury brand. So, for the purpose of this video, I will share only the cost information for Sunstone Welders.

There are different models of these American made welders and each will allow you to run a busy PJ business – consistently and safely, day in and day out. The difference is in the bells and whistles and what suits your budget the best.

We have full product reviews and user guides on our Youtube channel, and I will just include a brief cost summary here for the purpose of calculations. 

  • At the entry level, we have the Zapp
  • Zapp Plus
  • Orion mPulse which is the gold standard and it is the most popular Welder on the market with PJ artists 
  • Orion PJ which is posh and has extra pretty features. 

The manufacturer listed prices for these micro welders are $1000 to $2800 US. If you are buying them from us, those prices include shipping and handling if you are in the USA and Canada, and if you’re in Canada, they also include customs clearance and duties.  

How much does it COST to start a Permanent Jewelry (PJ) Business – Small Business Break Down

You will need additional tools and accessories, such as pliers, chain cutters, safety goggles, leather welding protector, grounded pliers and more, for about under $300 for the entire package.

Again, we have full details and user guide videos.

You will need chains!  We offer a number of convenient starter packages of the top selling premium quality chains and components.  These range from $250 to $800, and will allow you to start selling and welding immediately.

You will need a table, some chairs and a lamp, if you don’t already have these. Anything simple will do and can be purchased for under $350. 

You will need signage and business cards that can be ordered online for about $250.  

You will need to open a bank account and register merchant accounts to accept payment, like Paypal and credit cards. Most of this is free to register but you can check with your bank’s merchant services for details.

You will need to register your business with your local government, and it is usually inexpensive, with fees ranging from $50 to $300, depending on your location.

You will want to purchase insurance. If you already have a business, and are simply adding the pj service, there should be little to no increase in your premiums. 

If you do not, check what your home and auto insurance policies cover and if there might be an umbrella policy available. 

A quick call with your insurance broker will give you all the facts.

Besides the cost of the machine, you will need training on how to operate the welder and achieve successful welds. We offer free support, Free Youtube PJ Training Videos, and also discount full packaged video training when you buy with us. A small percentage of people prefer in-person training, and that is also available for a small fee. 

Some outfits are charging anywhere between $400 to $2000 USD for full access to their video training courses.

So, the investment needed is only $2500 or up to $5000, depending on whether you want the luxury machine and larger chain package or not, and you are ready to go!

How much does it COST to start a Permanent Jewelry (PJ) Business – Small Business Break Down

Although there is never a guarantee of success in any business, from the data we have collected, customers who have run their business full-time, have earned about $380k for their first year before rent – because some operate out of their own homes or do purely events.  I have another video which explains pricing and profits.