How Best to See More Clearly and Safely When Micro Welding – Orion PJ Micro Welder

How Best to See More Clearly and Safely When Micro Welding – Orion PJ Micro Welder

This video will show you a revolutionary hack so that you can see the tiny electrode and itty bitty jump ring seam more clearly, easily, safely. And without spending more money.  Everything you need you already have! This is how best to see more clearly and safely when micro welding.

The number one struggle I hear about from people welding for the first time is “I can’t really see where the seam is” or “It’s hard to see through the darkened glass (darkened safety goggles)”.

The darkened goggles / ADL (auto dimming lense) are important because you want to protect your eyes from the UV exposure, and infrared radiation can burn your cornea (much like a sunburn).  Sparks can also cause serious ocular injuries.

I had tried the Orion Micro Welder with the scope – it is a thing of beauty – it is lit and super magnified, but US$600 extra is not available to everyone.

I had an epiphany and came up with a solution – looking behind a screen (either Apple or Android phone or table would work perfectly).

An interview with an optometrist confirmed that it is completely safe to look at sparks behind the screen. It is much like having a flash when we take photos with our phones.  I then went to my nearest Apple store to confirm the same thing.  You can watch things on the screen that would be unsafe to look at with the naked eye, such as welding, lasers, solar eclipse…

You simply need a hands-free device clip (and many of us already own this for the convenience of looking at our screen while in bed) and a smartphone.

There are free apps for both Android and Apple phones for magnifying, however, you can also use the record element.  They come with zoom and light options that are super easy to use.

This comes standard for Apple iPhone 8 and higher.  Samsung phones have even fancier cameras.

The following is what I used in this video:

Orion PJ Micro Welder

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Samsung S21 5G

The rest can be found on Amazon :

Clear safety glasses

Darkened safety glasses

Handsfree phone clip

Handsfree phone clips with spring

Light ring for filming


Magnifying Light with base