Are Grounded Pliers Safe for Welding Permanent Jewelry?

Are Grounded Pliers Safe for Welding Permanent Jewelry?

Are grounded, pliers, safe and reliable for welding Permanent Jewelry? In this video I attempt to replicate an issue a customer of mine was having.

A number of people were making their own grounded pliers before Sunstone engineering started manufacturing and selling them. 

Grounded pliers are useful because they provide better control for holding chain and jump rings while welding – eliminating the need for using both the alligator clip ground and a separate pair of pliers.

I have sold hundreds of these pliers before I received a complaint from a customer who said that her pliers must be defective. For her, they did not always work and sometimes chains would get stuck on the tips of the grounded pliers.

I asked the customer to return those pliers to me so that I could test to see what is wrong with them.  I also immediately contacted Sunstone engineering to ask if they had a similar complaint- and they didn’t.  

When the customer returned the pliers, I noticed that there were indeed grooves where chains must have melted into the pliers.  I decided to film the process of using her pliers to weld different chains and jump rings. I could not replicate the problems she spoke of.

Upon speaking with her further, I found out the welder she had been using is not made by Sunstone engineering, rather it is the welder available on Alibaba – the large gray unit used in the dental industry.  This welder has had some poor reviews on unstable electrical charge. Sometimes the power is so strong that it melts chain links onto the pliers.

I am glad that I had the opportunity to test those pliers because I’ve never experienced it myself with any of the grounded pliers I’ve used in the past, even though I experiment with different metals, thicknesses and power levels. Had there been a problem with the pliers, I would’ve had to recall pliers we had sold and make sure that I told our audience of any potential hazards.  

I am relieved to say that it is not the pliers, rather her faulty grey welder.  And while not everyone has complained of problems with that gray welder, inconsistency is a problem and we have heard of many complaints of it on focus groups and social media. This is also why it’s recommended that if you are welding permanent jewelry (close to a person’s skin) to be careful of the equipment that you are using. If you are simply welding jewelry in a studio, without the potential of injuring a client, then it is less of a concern of which welder you might use.

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