Get the Perfect Frame

Get the Perfect Frame

Learn how to create these dramatic framed bar earrings!  . 

To make this necklace you are going to need the following:

1.  Amoracast Organic Leaf Frame

2.  10cm, Per Earring, of 26 ga Gold Filled Wire 

3. Semi-Precious Stones (We are Using “Herkimers”)

4.  Amoracast Marquise Hooks

This video shows you how to suspend a row of quartz beads in the middle of the Organic Leaf Frame to create elegant earrings. I am using approximately 10cm of 26 gauge gold filled wire.

I measure where I would like the quartz beads to sit and take half of the wire to wrap around the frame. Make sure you count the number so that you do the same on the other side.

Wire wrapping below and above the horizontal wire will help keep the wire from slipping along the frame. I flip the wire and wrap it a couple of times along the horizontal wire to further secure it. Also, because I want to eventually keep the beads from moving, I wrap a couple of times and not trim. I may have to wrap further. Now I turn to the other end of the horizontal wire and do the same.