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How to Successfully Weld Super Fine Jump Rings and Wire Tutorial

In this video, I show tricks to weld super fine jump rings. Both sides of the [...]

How To Weld Invisible Connection with Briolette Drop for Permanent Bracelets – Microwelder Tutorial

In this video, I demonstrate how easy it is to weld an invisible connection with [...]

How to Weld Briolette (Teardrop) Beads in Seconds – Micro Welding Tutorial

This video shows you how easy it is to attach a briolette (teardrop) stone by [...]

How to Measure and Weld a Permanent Bangle Bracelet Using Wire

In this video, I teach how to measure and weld a Permanent Bangle Bracelet from [...]

Full Product Review of The Zapp Micro Welder

Sunstone Engineering, producer of the leading permanent jewelry welder, the Orion mPulse 30, and the [...]

How to Assemble the Orion PJ Pulse Arc Micro Welder – Permanent Jewelry Tutorial and Welder Demo

This video shows how easy it is to assemble the Orion PJ Micro Welder and [...]

How to Weld a Box Chain With and Without Jump Ring Permanent Jewelry Tutorial

In this video, I share with you the techniques and tips for welding a box [...]

Orion PJ vs mPulse 30 for Permanent Jewelry- Comparison and Product Review

This video is an in-depth comparison between the Orion mPulse 30 and the new Orion [...]

The Pop-Up World: Everything You Need to Know

I presented this permanent jewelry business lesson live at PJX (Permanent Jewelry Expo in Las [...]

How to Choose Suppliers that Put You First

I presented this lesson live at PJX (Permanent Jewelry Expo in Las Vegas), sponsored by [...]

Chain 101: Everything You Need to Know about Size, Style, Metal, and Gauge

The ultimate crash course in metal jewelry components and chains! I taught this at the Permanent [...]

Permanent Jewelry Trends and Ideas – Permanent Jewelry Expo Lesson, Tutorial, and Notes

In this video, I share the latest trends and ideas for permanent jewelry. I taught [...]

Permanent Jewelry Tutorial – The Best Length for Permanent Anklet

Permanent anklets are far trickier than traditional anklets because you do not have a clasp [...]

How Best to See More Clearly and Safely When Micro Welding – Orion PJ Micro Welder

This video will show you a revolutionary hack so that you can see the tiny [...]

Permanent Jewelry Tutorial – Tip – How to Find The Jump Ring Seam After Closing Before Welding

External In this video I demonstrate ways to help you locate the jump ring seam more easily [...]

 How to Wire Wrap Cultured Freshwater Pearl or Stone Bead Connector for Bracelets

In this video, I show how to wrap a pearl connector using wire and freshwater [...]

 How To Fix and Salvage Jump Rings and Bad Welds for Permanent Jewelry – Orion Micro Welder Tutorial

I made this video for Morgan (from Florida) – she asked if there is any [...]

How To Prevent Stuck Electrode – Permanent Jewelry Welding with the Orion Micro Welder mPulse

I made this video in response to a question posed in the comments of another [...]

How To Wire Wrap Birthstones for Permanent Bracelet Charms

This Jewelry Tutorial video shows you how to wire wrap a birthstone or beaded charm [...]

 How To Create a Fidget Ring – Permanent Jewelry Tutorial – Orion Micro Welder mPulse

This video shows you how to create and weld a fidget ring. Studies have shown [...]

 Permanent Jewelry Business Strategy – Refund Policy and Tips – Orion Micro Welder Tutorial

Should I give an unhappy customer a full refund? New business owners in the permanent [...]

 How to Clean Sterling Silver Permanent Bracelets – Jewelry Tutorial

This video shows you the best way to clean sterling silver permanent bracelets. Very important [...]

Longevity Of A Permanent Gold Filled Bracelet – How Long Permanent Jewelry Lasts – Documented

I will show you my video that documents the longevity of my daughter’s permanent bracelet. [...]

 How to Open and Close Jump Rings Properly and Securely – Permanent Jewelry

In this Short video, I show How to Open and Close Jump Rings – Properly  [...]

How To Prevent Silver From Tarnishing Without Lacquer Coating – Experiment on Italian Silver Coating

Everybody is looking for the best method to prevent silver from tarnishing. I filmed this [...]

How to To Tell Real vs Fake Gold Filled (Plated vs Genuine Gold Filled) Gold Acid Test

I find it impossible just by looking with the naked eye, if a chain is [...]

Welding is Easy – First Time Welding Permanent Jewelry with Orion Micro Welder mPulse

I want to share this video with you because many people are interested in starting a [...]

Easiest Way to Make Hand Stamp Initial Connector – Permanent Jewelry Tutorial Micro Welding

In this video I show the trick to getting a straight and clean hand stamp [...]

Tricks and Tips for Better Welding Control – Best Power Setting For Orion Micro Welder and Permanent Jewelry

Permanent Jewelry with Orion Micro Welder In this video I show some tricks of fine [...]

Are Dark Safety Goggles Necessary for Using The Orion Micro Welder When Welding Permanent Bracelets?

Permanent Jewelry with Orion Micro Welder It is recommended that operators wear dark protective safety [...]

How To Weld Permanent Bracelet With Beads and No Jump Ring

Welding Permanent Bracelets In this video I show you how to weld a permanent bracelet [...]

How to Make Jump Rings Smaller for Permanent Bracelet and Jewelry Making – Orion Micro Welder mPulse

  In this video, I show how to reduce the size of jump rings for [...]

 5 Thinks to Know About Gold Filled Permanent Bracelets Permanent Jewelry with Orion Micro Welder

Permanent Jewelry with Orion Micro Welder Gold filled chains are a great option for permanent [...]

How to Clean Tarnished Silver Permanent Bracelet

What Tarnishes Silver Jewelry? In this video, I demonstrate which household lotions and chemicals we [...]

How to Make a Custom Chain Ring (Permanent Jewelry) Welding with Orion Micro Welder mPulse

In this video, I show how to make a chain ring right on the hand, [...]

How to Make a Permanent Bracelet with Old Jewelry

We all have old jewelry that is beautiful or has sentimental value that we can [...]

How to Make a Permanent Bracelet with Birthstone Charm

In this video, I filmed the process of making a permanent gold filled bracelet with [...]

Welding Mother and Daughter Permanent Bracelet with the Orion Micro Welder mPulse

In this video, I filmed the process of creating and welding a Mother and Daughter [...]

What is Permanent Jewelry? Why this trend is so hot and How it works Explained – Orion Micro Welder

In this video, I will attempt to provide a thorough explanation as to what Permanent Jewelry [...]

How To Weld Permanent Beaded Bracelet No Jump Rings – Short Jewelry Tutorial – Orion Micro Welder

Welding Permanent Bracelets This short Jewelry Tutorial (long version available on my Micro Welder Playlist) [...]

Important Tips On Electrode and Power for Orion Micro Welder – Permanent Jewelry Welding Tutorial

This video will talk about what you need to know about the maintenance and shape [...]

Is Argon Gas Necessary for Welding with the Orion Micro Welder?

Is Argon gas necessary to weld successfully with the Orion Micro Welder? Does the use [...]

Small Jumps Rings: How to make them for Welding Permanent Bracelet

If you need a very small jump ring to go through a fine chain so [...]

FaceTime Jewelry How-To Lesson for Orion Micro Welder

I show you the points from my very first FaceTime micro welder lesson that I [...]

Welding fine link chains

How To Weld Permanent Bracelet with Thin Fine Chain In this video, I show [...]

Wire Wrapping Attaching Fine Chain to Clasp Without Soldering

Easy DIY Jewelry Tutorial : Wire Wrapping Loops I have this quick video showing you [...]

How To Weld Permanent Bracelet With Beads and No Jump Ring

Welding Permanent Bracelets In this video I show you how to weld a permanent bracelet [...]

Click Back Huggie Hoop Earring 

How to open a Click Back Huggie Hoop Earring I am going to show you [...]

Amoracast Modern Hook

Amoracast Modern Hook with Marquis Labradorite I love using the Modern Hook (FE8RV) for its [...]

Forever Anklet

How To Weld Permanent Forever Wing Anklet – Step by Step Tutorial with Orion Micro [...]

Ring Bracelet Permanent Jewelry

How To Make Ring Bracelet Permanent Jewelry – Step by Step Tutorial with Orion Micro [...]

Removable Waist Chain

How to Make Removable Waist Chain with Clasp – Using Orion Micro Welder mPulse – [...]

Jump Rings and Fine Chains

How to Add Jump Ring Through Fine Chain (and Satellite Chain)- Jewelry Tutorial This video [...]

Gold Filled Components and Chain

Can You Weld or Solder it?  Can you solder or weld gold filled jump rings [...]

Amoracast Dragonflies – Welding Forever Bracelets

How to Weld Forever Permanent Bracelet with Amoracast Design Using the Orion Micro Welder mPulse [...]

The Orion Micro Welder – Welding Forever Bracelets

Use The Orion Micro Welder to weld your Forever Bracelets In this video, I show [...]

Stud Earrings – Professional Look

Jewelry Hack Tutorial -Ball Studs for Beginners In this video, I show one of my [...]

Hoop Studs: Transforming your Earrings

Jewelry Tutorial Hack -Easy Ways to Wear Hoop Stud Earrings Hoop Stud earrings are awesome!!  [...]

Using A Wire Guardian

DIY Jewelry Tutorial – How to Finish A Strung Beaded Necklace This video will show [...]

Gold Filled Chain – Dramatic Baroque Pearl Ring

DIY Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make A Baroque Pearl gold filled Chain Ring (or [...]

Charm Holder – Using Soldered Rings

Jewelry Tutorial – Easy Steps to Make a Soldered Ring Charm Holder Pendant This video [...]

Endless Hoops to Eternity Necklace

DIY Jewelry Tutorial Hack – How to Make Eternity Necklace Pendant (with Salvaged Endless Hoops) [...]

Wire Wrap – Flower Connector

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Wire Wrap a Florette Pattern Connector In this jewelry tutorial [...]

Lariat Necklace – Easy and Adjustable

DIY Jewelry Tutorial -Easiest Adjustable Lariat Necklace This video will show you how to make [...]

Blog Article – Interchangeable Earring DIY How-To Jewelry Tutorial for Silicone Bead

This video will show how you can easily create an earring enhancer for multiple looks [...]

Slip On Adjustable Bracelet – How-To Jewelry Tutorial with Silicone Bead

This video will show how to make a sliding adjustable bracelet using a silicone bead [...]

How To Easily Wrap Top Drill Drop Stones – DIY Earrings

Some people find wire wrapping briolettes (top drill drop stones) very difficult and intimidating.  Here [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – Easiest Way to Make a Ring – Chain Ring Wire Wrapping

This is literally the easiest ring that you can make, but with professional looking results!You [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Use The Sliding Adjustable Add-A-Bead Necklace

The Adjustable Add A Bead Necklace will allow you to customize the exact length of [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – Easy Way to Wrap Stone Bead Into Pendant

This is one of the easiest ways to wrap a stone bead into a pendant.  [...]

Beginner to Pro Jewelry Tips Product Review – Orion Micro Welder mPulse

Soldering is a messy business, with flux, flame and having to pickle and clean.  It [...]

DYI Jewelry Tutorial – How To Make Beginner Earrings with Lever Back

The earrings in this video are beginner only because they are super easy to make.  However, [...]

Jewelry Hack – Using Charms with Studs

You can create many new earring looks easily by threading studs through charms before putting [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – Opening and Closing Endless Hoops

Endless Hoops have a sleek and seamless look. To achieve this look, there is no [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Use The Custom Loop Stacking Ring

This ring should be a staple for any jewelry maker and seller because it is easy [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – Ribbon Tassel Making

I am using soft ribbon by Mokuba for this tassel.  However, all of the materials can [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – Wire Wrapping Flourette Chandelier Earrings With Crystal and Chain

This is a simple and cost effective way to make beautiful chandelier earrings.Thread the center [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – Making A Pea Pod Pearl Necklace

It is very easy to make and you can have more pearls or birthstone beads, [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How To Use The Cat Ear Bead Cap To Make Kitty Earrings

Use a long ball pin (2″ long) and thread the 3mm beads for the tail, [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How To Wire Wrap A Cocktail Ring

.   Start by measuring the amount of wire you will need.  You can easily do [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make Chandelier Earrings with Chain and Beads

.   Chandelier earrings can be easily made with chains.  All of the components can be [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – Finishing A Wire Bracelet With Clasp

After you have strung all of the beads on wire, first thread the crimp bead [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – Removing Scuff Marks with 3M Polishing Paper

Scuff marks are inevitable with wear and storage.  Especially if you have a larger surface [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – Making Bell Shaped Earrings with Lily Of The Valley Cone

You can make bell shaped earrings using the Lily of the Valley Bead Cones by [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – Adding Ribbon Tie to Beaded Necklace

How to create a ribbon tie for a necklace when the beads are too small to [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Use the Side Cail as Bail for Side Drill Drops

The Side Cail is the perfect bail for briolettes (side drilled drops) Begin by forming [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How To Wire Wrap Beads Onto A Frame For A Unique Look

  This method works for any frame and any bead, but I am using Herkimer [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Wire Wrap an ID Bracelet with Herkimer Diamonds or Beads

When you have a long section of beads that you want to thread with wire [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How To Make A Beaded Ring with Herkimer Diamond

Note that any of the beads and the wire can pretty much be substituted.  It [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How To Make Stud Earrings By Wire Wrapping Herkimer Diamonds Or Any Bead

This method works for any bead, provided the hole is large enough for the desired [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make a Necklace Using the Ivy Cail by Amoracast

The Cail, invented by Amoracast, works like a cap and looks like a bail – [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Use a Unicorn Bead cap

Use a head pin (at least 1.5″ long) and thread your bead and then the [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make a Basic Wire Wrap for a Top Drilled Drop

To wire wrap top drill (sometimes called a side drill) drop (often called a briolette), [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Wire Wrap Nest Beads with Wire.

Begin with a length of wire and wrap around a doweling – the size depends [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Wire Wrap Beads Along the Modern Earring Hook by Amoracast

Here is how I made these earrings using the Amoracast Modern Hook and 2 mm [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make An Angel Pendant Using Calla Lily Cone and Angel Wing Spacer Bead By Amoracast

We are using 3mm bicones and 2 inch chain for the legs and feet, the [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make Angel Pendant with Angel Wing Spacer Bead by Amoracast

To Create, use a stone pear shaped bead before the skirt, a daisy spacer, an [...]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to easily make reindeer earrings with the Antler Bead Cap by Amoracast

First thing you do is thread all of the beads using a long head pin [...]

Gold Filled vs Gold Plated Jewellery

Gold Filled is an American metal manufacturing process and legal standard of quality . It [...]

Forming Shapes from Soldered Rings- Jewellery Hack

I often incorporate unusually shaped sterling silver pieces in my jewellery. It is actually very easy but [...]

Cascading Chain Tutorial

This jewelry tutorial video shows how to make long cascading chain earrings with a briolette [...]

Notice to all Customers on supply disruption due to Coronavirus

As you may have already heard – the Coronavirus has become a serious threat in [...]

Instagram Tips That Actually Grow Your Business Part 1

I’m going to share my Instagram Journey with you .  All the tips I have learned [...]

Jewellery Hack – Turning Head Pins Into Stud Earrings

Perfect for both beginners and seasoned designers .  To make these studs you are going to [...]

Easy Stretchy Bracelet

Perfect for both beginners and seasoned designers .  To make this bracelet you are going to [...]

The Pendulum Bail

Not only are these bails stunning, they are easy to use! .  To make this necklace [...]

Get the Perfect Frame

Learn how to create these dramatic framed bar earrings!  .  To make this necklace you [...]

The Perfect Minimalist Single Stone Necklace

This video shows how to wire wrap a briolette (side drilled tear drop stone) into [...]

Beading Hoop 101: How to Make Fancy Beaded Earring Hooks

This video shows you how to reinvent the beading hoop into a fancy beaded earrings! .  [...]

How to Use the Amoracast Pineapple Cap

This video shows you how to use the popular Amoracast Pineapple Crown caps! These lovely [...]

Huggie Studs Made Easy

This video shows you how to set a Herkimer Diamond into Huggie Prong Earring stud [...]

How to Wire Wrap Beads Onto a Chain in a Cluster

This video shows how to wire wrap beads on a chain in a cluster style. [...]

Project: How to make a Floating Necklace Using Large Hole Pearls.

This videos demonstrates how to make a floating pearl necklace.  I used large hole (2mm) [...]

Jewelry Making Techniques – How To Wire Wrap A Decorative Pendant

This videos demonstrates how to create a decorative pendant.  When the pendant has a wide [...]

How To Use Beading Hoops to Make Jewelry – Earrings and Pendants

Beading hoops are useful and versatile, in today’s video I’m making a pair of earrings [...]

Jewelry Making Techniques – How to Wire Wrap Herkimer Beaded Gold Filled Hoop Earrings

This video shows how to wire wrap Herkimer Diamond Beads onto 40mm gold filled earring [...]

How To Wire Wrap Beads Into a Ring

This video shows you how to wire wrap 5 rondel moonstone beads onto a size [...]

How To Wire Wrap Linked Beads in a Chain Style

This video shows how to link beads by wire wrapping them and how to finish [...]

How to Solder With Flux and Avoid Balling Up the Flux

This video features a tip on how to solder silver with flux and what to [...]

How to Attach Beads By Folding Wire

One of many techniques in jewellery making is folding wire after it’s been passed through [...]

Jewelry Projects – How to Make Dragonfly Bead Earrings

Dragonfly earrings are not just an easy design to make but they’re also easy to [...]

How to Wire Wrap a Side Drilled Stone 2

Learn how to wire wrap a side drilled stone using sterling silver wire. This basic [...]

How to Use Wire Guardians and Thread

In today’s video, we’re going to show you how to finish off a strand of [...]

How To Use Clam Shell Bead Tips

Clamshell beads are a great way to finish off a strung necklace, we’ll walk you [...]

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: Part 9 – Branding and Packaging

Studies have shown that, on average, each consumer needs to be exposed to a brand [...]

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: Part 8 – Signage

Signage is a vital communication tool for any company or designer.  It communicates professionalism and provides [...]

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: Part 7 – Efficient Packing and Unpacking

When you’re pressured by time to pack and unpack your shop, either because you’re working [...]

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: Part 6 – Display Trays, Inserts and U-pins

Displaying jewelry on materials such as driftwood or cushions always looks gorgeous, however, when you [...]

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: Part 5 – Earring Displays

When displaying earrings sometimes you just need height, sometimes you have limited space or a [...]

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: part 4 – Merchandising Colours

Thin jewelry can become visually lost when merchandised with chunkier pieces. The best way to [...]

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: Part 3

When planning a Pop-Up shop that needs to be packed up and transported quickly stackable [...]

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: Part 2

When merchandising a Pop-Up shop, or even an in-store display, it’s most visually appealing to [...]

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: Part 1

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the preparation and execution of a pop-up jewelry [...]

Huggie Earrings – Setting Beads & Beach Glass

Amoracast has come up with a fantastic and easy way to turn sea glass, drilled semi-precious [...]

Jewelry Lacquer S.O.S – Part 3

Jeweler’s Lacquer What do you do when your pendant has tarnished and you’re not loving [...]

Jeweler’s Lacquer Experiment – Part 2

Jeweler’s Lacquer  To see whether or not jeweler’s lacquer is effective in protecting gold plating [...]

How to Protect Plating from Tarnishing – Part 1

Protecting plating from tarnishing is the bane of many designer’s existence! Sometimes you simply cannot [...]

Lighting Jewellery for Social Media Photos

We’re often asked how we set up our lighting for social media photos, including the [...]

Sterling Silver Chains Revisited

Silver has been increasing in popularity over the past decade. There are many reasons [...]


The word 'opal' comes from the Sanskrit upala, meaning 'precious' or 'valuable stone'... [...]


One of the first gems ever mined, turquoise delighted traders on the Silk Road… [...]

Threading With Soft Flex

Soft Flex is an excellent medium for making beaded jewellery, and also one of the [...]

The Beauty of Bulk Chains

Bulk Chains, or chains by the meter, are a fundamental component for any jewelry designer.  They [...]

Pricing Strategy for your Jewellery Designs – Part 2

Pricing your jewellery is non-trivial and there are many factors to take into consideration. Our [...]

Pricing Strategy for your Jewellery Designs – Part 1

There are full semester courses at top business schools devoted to the topic of pricing [...]

Pricing Strategy for your Jewellery Designs – Part 3

I often get asked by jewellery designers, selling for the first time or transitioning... [...]

The Symbolism of Doves

Doves have long been a source of fascination for artists and philosophers alike. For artists, [...]


Derived from the Greek word krystallos, which has been translated as 'clear ice,' crystal refers [...]

Leather Bead Tips

If you can perform the Crimp, you can fix a bead tip to a leather [...]


The garnet family of gemstones has been used as an abrasive and for decoration since [...]

Jewellery Making Business Success – Part 1

It always amazes me how stark of a contrast in attitude and discipline a successful [...]

Centre Drill Double End Wire Wrap ( with video )

When a gemstone or bead has been drilled through the centre, and a two-sided connection [...]

Shapes in Freshwater Pearls

Looking at the fashion trend for the last few years, geometric designs are in. You'll [...]

Jewellery Making Business Success – Part 2

Successful retailers never take their customers and suppliers for granted. Showing appreciation for your [...]


In the modern world, glass has an interesting multiple personality… [...]


Sunstone, known to the scientific community as aventurine feldspar, is famous for its spangled golden [...]

Earring Hoop

You'll find it surprisingly easy to form an earring hoop, the foundation for classic bangles [...]

The Lobster Claw Clasp ( with video )

Lobster claws, once attached, are among the easiest of clasps to use on a necklace, [...]


Even today jade is frequently associated with the Chinese Dynasties, and still conveys its legacy [...]

Oxidize your Sterling Silver

Oxidizing sterling silver is far easier than it sounds and offers a large range of [...]

Beading Hoop

You'll find it surprisingly easy to form a beading hoop, the foundation for a multitude [...]

The Chain Matters

How often have you visited a jewellery designer's booth and loved a pendant or bracelet [...]


Aventurine is a form of quartz that is given visual distinction by its unique, shimmering [...]


Well known for their unique shine and smooth texture, Pearls have been the world's favourite [...]

Make the Most of your Designing Time

The first part of designing: Pre-Planning [...]

Wholesale Vs. Consignment

When you make the transition from selling homemade jewelry yourself to having it sold in [...]


Chains can be used to dramatically suspend gems, stones, jewellery beads, and all manner of [...]

Gold Vermeille & Gold-Filled, What’s the Difference?

Gold vermeille ( pronounced ‘vermay’ ) refers to sterling silver that has been plated with [...]

Using Jax to Antique Sterling Silver

Darkened silver has always been a popular, often used to inspire an antique or Victorian [...]

The Symbolism of Dragonflies

All over the world, the dragonfly symbolizes change and the change in perspective of self [...]

Defy the Label

A couple of weeks ago I had a young woman come into the showroom with [...]

Who is Your Supplier Supplying?

As an artist, a jewellery designer would never want to share the supply chain with [...]

Silver Tempering

Sterling Silver Findings can come in a variety of tempers (hardness). They can be... [...]

Not Your Grandmother’s Pearl Necklace

Legend has it that Cleopatra seduced Marc Antony with a lavish meal whereby she dissolved [...]

Saltwater vs Freshwater Pearls

Ask Professor Pearl: May 11th, 2007 [...]

How Sterling Silver Beads are Made

A solid to the core model of the bead is made and a rubber mold [...]

Orion mPulse Micro Welder: part 5 – Maintenance

Tungsten Electrode Maintenance ( sharpening the welding point ) Just like a knife blade, the [...]

The Orion mPulse Micro Welder: Part 3 – Setup

Orion mPulse – What’s in the box? All of the parts, including the extra tungsten [...]

The Orion mPulse Microwelder for Jewelry Welding: Part 1

I recently purchased a micro-welder, literally on impulse, at a gem show in the USA. [...]

Orion mPulse Micro Welder: part 2 – Comparison

Apples to Apples – Comparing the mPulse to other models After trying the 4 different [...]

Orion mPulse Micro Welder: part 4 – Welding

Welding With the Orion mPulse The mPulse is very easy to use and although it [...]

An Excellent Design Idea

Your clients will love this! Quickly and economically transform your earring design offerings by [...]

Design Shortcuts Using Sterling Silver Components

Some have struggled for many years and have not found a method that will allow [...]

Spring 2016 Fashion Colour trends

With the American economy on a slow but promising rebound, the mood is optimistic and [...]

New Designs with Classic Components – Part 5

Our Sterling Silver Vinescape Pendant has been a member of the Exclusive family for... [...]

New Designs with Classic Components Part 4

The Sterling Silver Marquise Connector is a fun piece that's seen a lot of use [...]

Sterling Silver Bells

Sterling Silver Bells, with exquisite jingle sounds make wonderful charm bracelets. As you move... [...]

Uses for Sterling Silver Beads

Sterling Silver Beads have been around since the pharoahs. Sterling Silver Beads are, essentially... [...]

Symbolism in Scarab Beetles

Perhaps the most common use of Scarabs worn as jewelry and amulets is in ancient [...]

New Designs with Classic Components – Part 3

The Sterling Silver Peony Pendant can always be modified to suit your design. Try... [...]

New Designs with Classic Components – Part 2

We've seen a lot of really neat designs using our Sterling Silver Storm Cloud Connector, [...]

New Designs with Classic Components

Our Sterling Silver Grape Vine connector has always been a popular component, as designers... [...]

Symbolism in Starfish Charms

Sterling silver starfish charms have long been a favorite among jewelry designers. They sell well [...]

Sterling Silver Cones

Sterling Silver Cones have been around for almost as long as people started making jewellery. [...]

The Symbolism of Butterfly Charms

We're all familiar with butterflies, either stemming from memories in our gardens, or in one [...]

Stones & Findings Gift Certificates

Do you still need a gift for the beader or jewellery designer in your life? [...]

The Symbolism of Hummingbirds

The hummingbird is considered a symbol of many different concepts. The speed of a hummingbird [...]

Getting Creative with Soldered Rings ( with video )

The soldered ring tends to be the unsung hero of the jewellery component world. There [...]

Legal Terms and Conditions

By submitting a design, and in consideration of Stones&Findings evaluating your Design (hereinafter the "Design") [...]

Sales Reps

Now is the time of year when everyone starts to look for ways of increasing [...]

2012 Fall Trends – Continued

Fashion designers have been busy with colours this year, and we've pulled a couple more [...]

2012 Fall Colour Trends

This autumn, we're seeing the return of a lot of our favorite colours and styles, [...]

You Owe it to Your Designs to Work in Silver

Silver jewelry components are the best to use if you are making jewelry for either [...]

Sterling Silver Earring Hooks

It is very important to invest in good Sterling Silver earring hooksfor your earring designs. [...]

Jewellery Designing – Basics and Psychology

Since I received an I-Pad, a whole new window to life has been opened up. [...]

Uses for Sterling Silver Snake Chain

Sterling Silver Snake Chain is a rope-like chain that looks smooth and classy on the [...]

Pear Shaped Semi Precious Stones

Pear Shaped Semi-Precious Stones are incredibly common in jewelry. You see them in earrings, bracelets [...]

Unique Sterling Silver Leaf Clasps

Looking at jewelry and fashion design, one can see the return of nature in the [...]

Selecting Stone Beads

A few weeks ago I bumped into my dentist while shopping at Loblaws, the grocery [...]

Why Make Jump Rings When You Should Be Designing

A few years ago I was asked to be part of a panel of 'experts' [...]

Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Chains

Fine jewellers like the look of rhodium. Like platinum, it is highly sought after [...]

Filigree Silver

In today's skyrocketing silver market, certain trends have emerged. Floral and filigree themes have [...]

Guages of Sterling Silver Wire

There are many uses for different gauge sterling silver wires in jewellery making... [...]

Hollow Form Silver Components

Hollow form silver components give the look of solid silver components...without the weight. [...]

Gauge to Milimeters Converter

Metric, Imperial...wire gauges? Bookmark this handy table to help you convert those tricky measurements! [...]

Lucky Jewelry Component Designer

My answer to the age old question of whether it is possible to create one's [...]

Sterling Silver Wire Gauges

There are many uses for different gauge sterling silver wires in jewellery making.... [...]

Jewellery Sales Representatives

I have written a number of articles about the pros and cons of using jewellery [...]

How to Create Colourful Jewellery

Coming up with colour combinations for some people is quite a difficult task. While [...]

Hiring a PR Firm

Before you hire a PR firm, you should consider a few things: [...]

Public Relations Firms for Jewellery

I often hear envy in the voices of designers as they mention other designers being [...]

How to Turn Press on your Jewellery

Over the years I have received print press coverage by Fashion Magazine, Chatelaine, Canadian Homes, [...]

Jewelry Designer – Target Market

After doing market segmenting we have determined that our target market is jewelry designers who [...]

Beads in Clothing

How to use semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, and crystals in your garments. [...]

Sterling Silver Wire Shapes

In Jewellery Making, Silver Wire can be used to weave, connect components, thread beads, tie [...]

How to Display Jewelry

You want to have a jewellery display that displays your jewellery in the best way [...]

Bead Benefits

It wasn't until recently that I received some confirmation of the benefits of beads from [...]

Sterling Silver Components Are Worth the World

Jewellery making , and to a finer point, sterling silver components is often thought of [...]

Chinese Sterling Silver Findings

Sterling silver findings from China vary a great deal in terms of price and quality... [...]

Vancouver Bead Stores

There are a number of Vancouver Bead Stores. They are also all of fairly [...]

Communicating the Right Message

I wanted to buy a safe to house our sterling silver chains. We have [...]

Toronto Bead Stores

Toronto bead stores are many. They are dotted throughout Toronto and the surrounding suburbs... [...]

Jewellery Moms and Parenting Coaches

I work full time in designing sterling silver jewellery components and making jewellery. I [...]

Sterling Silver Components Trunk Show

This trunk show, as with many other forms of trunk shows, provides a unique opportunity [...]

The Art of Creative Jewellery Designing

There is the science and discipline of jewellery making, even jewellery designing... [...]

Sterling Silver Informational Organization

There are two different categories of organization: physical organization, and informational organization... [...]

Create a Satin Finish on Sterling Silver

Simply take your existing component, and then you will be creating a lightly scratched surface. [...]

Create Brushed Finish on Sterling Silver

The third is very similar to the satin finish , however you will use more [...]

Create a High Polish Finish on Sterling Silver

The high polish finish is often a standard finish, the reasoning is, is that this [...]

Organizing Sterling Silver Findings

There are two different categories of organization: physical organization and informational ... [...]

Sterling Silver Star Charms

Sterling silver charms transcend age and culture. And one of the most iconic [...]

Abalone Shells

Abalone refers to the small to medium sized sea mollusks and snails, that have low [...]

Lava Beads

Lava beads refer to beads that are made from volcanic material, cut and faceted into [...]

Sterling Silver Chains – Buying & Decision Making

There are many things to consider when buying sterling silver chains , or any [...]

How to Take Care of Freshwater Pearls

Below, you will find some tips on how to safely and gently clean, polish and [...]

Creating Your Own Finishes on Your Precious Metal

There are a few basic finishes, that you can create and or mix them together [...]

Create Your Own Hammered Finish on Sterling Silver

Creating your own hammered finish on sterling silver, gold filled or gold vermeille components is [...]

Artistry vs. Mass Jewellery Production

There is a fine line between art and mass production, and this is no different [...]

All about Toronto Bead Shows

Throughout the year, there are a number of Toronto Bead Shows, run by different organizers [...]

Sterling Silver Bead Caps

Sterling silver bead caps greatly help add interest to beads, pearls and crystals alike... [...]

What is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short is the process whereby one can improve the [...]

Jewellery Sales in an Economic Downturn

Recently, I've been asked by a number of customers about how our sales have been [...]

Creating Your Own Jewellery Pins

There are three standard jewellery pins; head pins, ball pins and... [...]

Canadian Jewelry Component Suppliers

There are many Canadian Jewellery Component Suppliers. All major Canadian cities have a large [...]

Search Engine Optimization and your Business

Search engine optimization or SEO for short is the process whereby one can improve the [...]

Sterling Silver Clasps

Every good sterling silver necklace deserves a great sterling silver clasp. Not only should [...]

Italian Sterling Silver Components

Italian factories are known to be the best producers of chains. In fact, the [...]

Different Textures of Sterling Silver Findings

There are many different textures of sterling silver findings that are popular in North American [...]

Sterling Silver Toggles

One of the most interesting and timeless closures is the sterling silver toggle. Since [...]

Cost Saving Tips Using Silver Chain

Silver is a precious metal, and it is important when using sterling silver chains, to [...]

How to Oxidize and Relieve Silver Chains

Sterling Silver chains are quite versatile, and unlike plated brass chains, they can be oxidized [...]

Sterling Silver Wire Hardness

Sterling Silver Wire is generally available in 4 grades of hardness: hard, half hard, [...]

Sterling Silver Beads

Sterling Silver Beads allow for great accents to Jewellery Making. They come in all [...]

Sterling Silver Earring Components

There are limitless possible earring designs. However, popular Earrings have certain Jewellery Components [...]

Creating Your Own Patina for Sterling Silver Jewellery

If you want to darken the surface of your sterling silver jewellery components or jewellery [...]

Sterling Silver Chains

Sterling Silver Chains have recently become a very important aspect of Jewellery Designs [...]

Sterling Silver Chains and Findings Suppliers

If you are in the market to buy Sterling Silver Chains, Sterling Silver Wire, Steling [...]

What is a Silver Finding?

The word Finding is strange and I'm not sure where it comes from. However, [...]

How to Start your Own Jewellery Design Business

In deciding whether or not to make the move from jewellery designing as a hobby [...]

Jewellery Trunk Shows Part 4 – Other Practices

A number of my friends in the industry have done jewellery trunk shows and practices [...]

Jewellery Trunk Shows Part 3 – An Actual Trunk Show

I've just returned from the jewellery trunk trunk show hosted by a long time customer [...]

Jewellery Trunk Shows Part 2 – Do’s and Dont’s

There are many secrets to success to a jewellery trunk show. Although they do [...]

Jewellery Trunk Show 1 What is it and the Benefits

A trunk show is a retail event at which the jewellery designer and or jewellery [...]

When am I ready to go on a buying trip

In your jewellery making career at some point you will be tempted to go abroad [...]

The Pros and Cons of Sales Reps

A sales agent, also known as sales representative (sales rep, for short), can be a [...]

Metal Allergies

People are allergic to metals for 2 main reasons; nickel and, less often, from salts [...]

Cleaning Gemstones

Cleaning gemstones is somewhat like cleaning gold vermeil… [...]


Prehnite takes its name from Colonol Hendrik Von Prehn, who discovered it in 1774… [...]

Tiger Eye

Once upon a time the strikingly unique gemstone Tiger Eye (also known as Tiger's Eye) [...]

Cleaning Golden Jewellery

Gold is an incredibly soft and malleable metal, and therefore requires care and sensitivity in [...]


Possessing the unearthly radiance of the moon, this stone is known worldwide as an absolute [...]


Tourmaline is one of the most chemically complicated gemstones around, and it shows in the [...]


Beryl, the family of minerals to which both aquamarine and its upscale cousin emerald belong, [...]


Legend has it that as Aphrodite, goddess of love, lay in majestic slumber on the [...]

How To Care For Silver Jewellery

Ask Professor Pearl: July 5th, 2007 [...]

Cubic Zirconia

Cubic zirconia is most commonly thought of as a diamond substitute, and rightfully so. What [...]

The History of Gold Vermeille

Gold vermeil (pronounced 'vermay') refers to metal that has been plated with a thin layer [...]

Gold Filled

Gold-filled jewellery differs from gold vermeil in both the quantity of gold involved and the [...]

A 4 Part Guide for the Growing Jewellery Company

The following guide to running an effective small or midsize jewellery company hopes to provide [...]

Leather Wire Wrap End

The Leather Wire Wrap End is the combination of leather working and wire wrap techniques, [...]

Leather Knot End

Finishing a leather necklace or bracelet with a knotted end is quite simple, but it [...]

The Crimp

The crimp is an important technique that comes in handy when making connections to finish [...]

The Clam Shell

The clam shell is a great kind of clasp, and is easy to attach. [...]

Side Drill Double End Wire Wrap

When a gemstone or bead has been drilled twice, through both sides, and a connection [...]

Side Drill Single End Wire Wrap

When a gemstone or bead has been drilled once through the side and a single-sided [...]

Centre Drill Single End Wire Wrap

When a gemstone or jewellery bead has been drilled through the centre, and a one-sided [...]

How To Make a Matching Necklace and Earring Set

Follow this 7-step guide to make your own matching earrings and necklace set! [...]

How To Make a Pair of Wire Wrap Earrings

Follow this easy 4-step guide to make a simple set of wire-wrapped gemstone earrings in [...]

A 15 Point Guide for the Independent Jewellery Art

Helpful advice on designing, managing, and selling your jewellery. [...]

A Brief Profile of the Canadian Accessory Industry

The accessory industry is an ever changing landscape of competition. See where you fit in, [...]

Reference Charts

Handy reference guides can be a jewellery designer's best friend… [...]


Possessing a wonderfully organic exoticism, shells used in jewelry connote tropical lands and vibrant underwater [...]

Sterling Silver Chains From Mine Find to Accessory

Have you ever thought about the wonderfully shiny sterling silver piece that adorns your neck, [...]

Gold and Silver in the 21st Century Economy

…and what it all means for the accessory industry [...]


In the Ancient Roman Empire, sardonyx was an especially treasured gemstone… [...]


Unless one considers water a mineral, it can be safely said that quartz is the [...]


Jasper is one of the most varied and visually diverse gemstones available, and can be [...]


Jewelry is made unique and eye-catching by the creative use of gems, stones, beads, and [...]


Discovered in 1803 by English chemist William Hyde Wollaston, Rhodium was named by its finder [...]


In Ovid's canonized tale of Perseus' quest to slay Medusa, the mythical Greek hero is [...]


Chalcedony is an umbrella term that refers to all microcrystalline varieties of quartz… [...]


According to Brazilian lore, riverside-dwelling Amazonian tribes offered green stones as gifts to visitors… [...]


Despite its fairly common availability and affordable market value, agate holds a fascinating and remarkable [...]


Occurring naturally and available in countless varieties, gemstones have been used by humans for ornament [...]

Jewellery Trend 2015

Here is a full swinging trend that all jewellery designers love - layering of multiple... [...]

2014 Fall Trends

There seems to be a move back towards basic monotone palettes with a splash of [...]

Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014

If there is one colour you must have in your jewellery collection this spring, let [...]

2013 Fall Colour Trends

The runway fashions of fall/winter 2013-2014 shows heavy Art Deco and Roaring 20's influence, from [...]