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Zapp Plus
Arc Pulse Micro Welder 
Micro Welder Product Comparisons

Zapp Plus Micro Welder Review


Zapp Micro Welder Product Review

Orion mPulse 30 Orion Mpulse Micro Welder Tutorial
Orion PJ Orion PJ Assembly
Flush cutters You want FLUSH cutters – not just wire cutters Welding Chain Without a Jump Ring
Chain nose pliers x 2 Light, flat short point – not serrated, long or heavy How to Open and Close Jump Rings
Leather welding protector A super fine and soft one will allow you to weld finger rings  
Fibreglass bristle brush  To clean oxidation  
Safety Goggles For yourself and your client Are Safety Glasses Needed?
Grounded pliers Great to have – not absolutely necessary Orion Grounded Pliers Review
Electrode sharpener You will need to sharpen electrode, this is best for consistency, but can use files for sharpening  
Argon gas tank and regulator Great for cleaner welds Argon Gas Review
Third arm holder For bangles and wires Third Arm With Weighted Base Tweezer
Metal files Great to have – not absolutely necessary  
Chains and Components
Chains PJ requires high quality that is durable – do not get any plated chains  
Jump Rings Must be machine cut and ends are flush to weld properly How to Choose the Best Jump Rings
Connectors Birthstones and anything that adds meaning for the customer will be popular  
Charms People love personalizing and can keep adding more charms any time  
Starter Kits Most suppliers have starter kits of the most popular styles – great way to get you started  
Furniture Table, Chairs, Lamp Need is dependent on your setup and you can go very fancy  
Electronics Mobile phone, payment processor, tablet, extension cord, extra lighting, battery pack This varies with your setup. Visibility Hack
License and Accounts
Resale License/Business Registration Depends on your local government  
Business Name One not already being used or trademarked  
Business Bank Account Always better to keep separate from your personal  
Merchant Account To accept electronic payment  
Insurance Liability insurance – ask your broker  
License to weld/work with people Varies by local government – do they require license for aesthetics and piercing work?  
Business Email Account Harder to switch from personal email account later as you grow  
Social Media Accounts Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Pinterest, website This is how to let people know you offer this service and how they will find you!  
Transportation Car and Carrying Case If you are planning a mobile studio or doing events Everything You Need to Know about Pop-ups
Helper Staff It gets busy – great to have someone to help with cashing out and working the lineup  
Training How to operate welder and weld PJ We offer free video training, but some outfits charge $400-$2000 for access to video training. Some have in-person training Micro-welding Training and Tutorials
Product Knowledge Know all about metals and permanent jewelry You want to be able to answer all questions your client may ask Everything You Need to Know about Chain
Trade Policies
Refund Policy What happens if they change their minds? Refund Policies
Workmanship Guarantees What happens if your weld is not secure?  
Metallurgy Do you guarantee metal is what you say it is? The quality  
Payment and collection of payment If you are collaborating or profit sharing, do you have set terms?  
Pricing   Finalize your prices and discount policy! How to Price Permanent Jewelry
Practice   Leave yourself some time to practice, not just welding, but to be comfortable with customers