Forming Shapes from Soldered Rings- Jewellery Hack

Forming Shapes from Soldered Rings- Jewellery Hack

I often incorporate unusually shaped sterling silver pieces in my jewellery. It is actually very easy but the secret is to start with soldered rings.

I form different shapes with pliers – pulling in opposite directions with two pairs of pliers to create squares and diamond shapes, pulling with one to create drop or scalloped shapes…all sorts of possibilities. 

Then I further change their shape during the hammering process – the more you hammer, the more elongated or flared it becomes.  I like using steel blocks and hammers with slight texture, but if you prefer to have a smooth finish, you can use a leather mallet or wrap the hammer and block with heavy electrical tape.  Buffing afterwards would also help with adding/reducing lines and textures

My favourite wire thickness for this type of work has been 18 and 16 guages.  The thickest I’ve used has been 12 guage.
(Note in the video I said that it’s impossible to solder open rings after hammering it because it fans out – I misspoke.  You cannot solder them without sawing the edges flush; it is a tedious process).  I also said that when making earrings, you should pull for both.  I meant to say that it is easier to pull both at the same time.  However, anything works and I often like the effect of both being not identical – embrace the organic

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