Frequently Asked Questions

Our Sterling Silver Guarantee

We guarantee that all our sterling silver components and chains are at least .925. All our sterling silver is nickel and cadmium free.

What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver must be at least 92.5% silver. The 7.5% alloy in sterling silver is made up largely of copper.   There might be a bit of another proprietary metal formula that the manufacturer uses to make it stronger, but we are not privy to the formula.   It does not contain nickel in the 7.5% alloy that makes up 925 silver.

Can Someone Have an Allergic Reaction to Sterling Silver?

There are so many types of metal sensitivities. There are people who are simply allergic to Sterling Silver. Often these people can only wear high carat gold (smaller percentage of base metals in the mix). If your customer is very sensitive to copper, they may have a problem with sterling silver. If your customer is very sensitive to brass, they may have a strong reaction to gold filed (the core is brass).

Can Sterling Silver Darken/Tarnish?
Yes, sterling silver will tarnish.
Part of the beauty of sterling silver is that it ages with wear and exposure.
There are many situations that can cause silver to tarnish.  Unless the designer fully coats the piece with lacquer. (which is rarely done in handmade pieces)
  • Storage and packaging is important to keep your silver brighter longer. Some dyes from strings and gift bags can cause tarnish. We used to use dyed brown wool for tags for labeling products, all the silver touching the wool would tarnish but nothing else.
  • Leaving jewelry in gift boxes, without sealing the silver in a bag, will leave the sterling exposed to air and any chemical that can be in the puffy filling or dye from the box.
  • Mixing silver with other metals may also accelerate darkening.
  • Exposure to fluorescent lights can also accelerate tarnish. 
  • Certain things, like dampness and sun exposure can accelerate oxidation.
  • Certain environments, like a salon/spa (chemicals in the air) will also cause your silver to darken faster.
  • At the home, near/in a bathroom or a window. Dampness is the very worst for sterling. Simple things, such as a hot day and slightly sweating hands, can also accelerate tarnish.
When your pieces are not being shown, keep sealed in acid free bags and in a dark, dry area. All your supplies should be stored as such as well. If your pieces are on display, cover them overnight. 
How Do I Clean Sterling Silver?
 There are many ways to clean sterling. The most popular is a dip or a silver cleaning cloth. If you use the dip, make sure your silver is super dry before storing. Also, to avoid dipping unless absolutely necessary. Each dip removes a slight layer of silver and will tarnish a bit quicker after every dip.
Can I Shower in My Jewellery?
Sterling silver is perfect for Permanent bracelet and jewelry!
Yes, sterling silver does tarnish as this is the nature of the metal. It will darken lightly with wear and time but remains a beautiful metal and option for your jewelry.
Many people will still wear their jewellery in water. In cases of permanent bracelets, where they cannot be removed, it is best to rinse it very well after any contact with soaps and salt or chlorinated water.
Testing your pieces in different environments, is the best way to share your experience with your clients.
Our Gold Filled Guarantee

We guarantee that all our Gold Filled components and chains are all American standard . All components and chains are 1/20th gold with a brass core. All our gold filled is nickel and cadmium free.

What is Gold Filled?

Gold Filled is an American metal manufacturing process and legal standard of quality. GF is two sheets of solid karat gold. Most popular being 14kt gold. These sheets are  bonded over (or for wire, rolled in tube) a core of brass. A piece of jewelry to be legally stamped with the telltale ‘GF’ marking, its weight must be at least 1/20th gold. This explains the typical stamp you would expect to see on gold filled articles: “1/20 14K GF”, which means that 5 percent of the piece is 14 karat gold. Due to the surface layer of gold-filled jewelry being about 100 times thicker than any plating, gold-filled pieces tend to last much longer, and are considered ‘lifetime jewelry’

Watch our video on the differences of gold filled and other gold products.

Can Someone Have an Allergic Reaction to Gold Filled?

There are so many types of metal sensitivities. There are people who are simply allergic to Sterling Silver. Often these people can only wear high carat gold (smaller percentage of base metals in the mix). If your customer is very sensitive to copper, they may have a problem with sterling silver. If your customer is very sensitive to brass, they may have a strong reaction to gold filed (the core is brass)

Will All My Gold Filled Components be Exactly the Same Tone of Gold?

Not always. 

With each batch of manufactured gold filled, you will find that the color will vary. Even from the same manufacturer. This is an industry norm and you will notice this with all your suppliers. You will notice that this happened with sterling silver as well, but it is much less noticeable in silver on silver vs gold on gold. 
Although there can be a slight color difference in each piece, you will see that once the jewelry is put together, it is much less noticeable.
The color difference does bother some. If you are unsure, please limit your order to samples. Review our return policy before ordering as cut chains and wire are final sale. 
Can Gold Filled Darken/Tarnish?

Gold filled has a wonderfully amazing ability to stay bright and has a comparable long life to solid karat gold jewellery

 However, although gold filled doesn’t tarnish, in the same manner as sterling, it can darken under certain circumstances. 

Gold filled can darken if your customer has a brass allergy.

Gold filled can darken when exposed to chemicals. A few of the most common causes of reaction are, newly dyed hair, swimming pools, some home water and product packing that has dyes or those white puffs in boxes.  

Stamping on Gold Filled

You have probably noticed that Gold Filled discs tend to be thinner than their silver counterparts. This is due to the higher costs of the metal. Each American standard gold filled component has to be 1/20th gold, so the thicker it gets, the more gold is in it and higher the costs. Most are 0.3mm, but can be up to 0.8mm. The thickness will be listed in the description section of the product code. 

When stamping thinner discs, you need use less strength when hammering.

You can view our video on stamping gold filled components.

Can I Shower in My Jewellery?
Gold filled is an excellent choice for Permanent Bracelets and jewelry.
Although, in general, we recommend that jewellery be removed prior to showering it won’t hurt the metal. 
Many people will still wear their jewellery in water. In cases of permanent bracelets, where they cannot be removed, it is best to rinse it very well after any contact with soaps and salt or chlorinated water.
Testing your pieces in different environments, is the best way to share your experience with your clients.
What is Gold or Silver Plated?

Any metal can be electroplated with sterling silver or gold. The precious metal plating is often quite thin and does require gentler handling to preserver the plating. 

We cary many items that are gold or silver plated.

Example #1: We carry hand cut semiprecious stone pendants that have a base plate of copper and then further electroplated with gold or silver.

Example #2: We carry a selection of gold plated sterling silver. These items are casted in sterling and then electroplated with gold. One of our most popular items are our 6mm round bezel set stone charms.

Example #3: We carry a selection of gold plated sterling silver that has a clear protective coating baked on. The coating is much like a ceramic glaze which is baked on – making it highly durable against wear and tear, and will prevent future tarnish. Here is an example of this style of plating.

Are the pictures on the site accurate and reliable?

We do our best. We try to provide multiple images and detailed descriptions to help you have a better experience shopping online. However, we are not able to guarantee that colours from screen to screen will be accurate.

If you are purchasing strands of stones or pearls: These are natural products and will vary from strand to strand. The photo will be an average of what you will expect. If you wish for further images of our most current stock, please email us at :

Are the dimensions accurate?

All dimensions are approximate.

For strands, since there is variation from bead to bead. We try our best to provide dimension information as precise as possible, however, in many cases there is variation in the stones themselves and we do make mistakes.

Are the pieces per strand accurate?
  • Not exactly. It is just an estimate. We count a few of the strands to get the best average.
  • All prices are based on a single strand as it is, NOT on any specific length or any specific number of pieces in a strand.
  • Buy a little more than you need. The actual count always varies due to variations in the individual items. In addition there are always some pieces not suitable for your use for various reasons. Therefore, after you figure out the quantity you need, you should add extra depending on your own tolerance for quality.
How do you Measure the products?
  • All dimensions are approximate. 
  • Strands: The measurement of a bead will the the overall average from the strands purchased. The size may vary from strand to strand
    • Some strands are strung in a graduated pattern with the smallest size at either end gradually getting larger towards the middle. In this case we measure the largest bead. 
    • The weight is is average based on multiple strands
  • Chains: The length of the chain is in mm. For example, chains sold by the meter will be 1000 mm. An 18 inch chain will be 457mm.
  • Findings: We try to be as detailed as possible, if you do not see the information you are looking for please email us at


Do you guarantee the quality and the colour of strands?
  • Please review the photos. These are natural products. There are variations depending on the mine, dye lot, etc. Inevitably there is variation, dips, inclusions and irregularities. 
  • We do our best to pick out the best quality available so that our quality is better than other suppliers. However, we do not grade our strands.
  • You should expect some Irregularities. We do not guarantee that each bead on a strand has no chips, irregular drills, pits (pearls) or inclusions. This is already accounted for in the price. Order slightly more than you need to account for your quality preferences. (Delicate stone beads tend to have more breakage and chips than standard shapes. (Waved Square, Waved Triangle shapes have more broken pieces than round.)
  • You should expect variance in pattern. As stone is mined it goes through various veins that produce different patterns in the beads. Not all the beads on a strand contain the same pattern, and the pattern of the strand may not necessarily match the pattern in the picture. This is especially true for highly patterned stones like feldspath and snake skin jasper. If you require a specific pattern then please email us for further images.
  • If you are worried about quality start with a small test order.
  • If you really need 100% guarantee on the quality of the stones on a strand, please ask for more photos and we will gladly send them. Email us at
Does your dyed Jade fade ?
  • No. We have not noticed any significant fading.
  • Some suppliers use jade that has been treated with surface dye. These tend to fade. Our jade is treated in such a way that the dye goes all the way through.
  • The color of the stones vary from one dye lot to the next. You should expect some variation in the colours of the stones but this is not necessarily due to fading.
Do you sell to the general public?

Yes, we do. As long as you meet our minimum of $150 before tax. A $15 handling fee will be applied to all orders below $150. 

Are your Prices in US dollars or Canadian Dollars?

If you’re a registered Canadian customer, your prices will be displayed in CAD. If you’re an international customer, your prices will be displayed in USD(to see the current USD conversion )

Do you sell outside of Canada?

Yes. We can ship to just about anywhere. You will be responsible for figuring out and arranging for any duties or cross-border shipping issues. Having said that we are very familiar with shipping to the US.

Do you sell loose beads?

No, we will not break up a strand. On occasion strands do break and we are left with partial strands or loose beads. If you are looking for just a few loose beads, please contact your local bead shop for help.

Do you have print catalog and price list?

No, we don’t. Please browse through this website for all information.

Do you hold merchandise for customer?

No. Strictly first come first served. Availability is based on ship date. If you place an order for future delivery, we do our best to fill the order at time of shipping not when it is ordered.

Why can't I find an item that I have seen before?

If you can’t find a particular item that you had seen before in this web site, that means it is either temporarily out of stock or discontinued.

What is the minimum for online orders?
  • Minimum Order: $150.00 for assorted items.
  • Handling Charge: $15.00 A handling charge will be added to orders less than $150.00.
  • Items sold per piece: For items sold per piece, the minimum quantities are based on the wholesale price of the item.
Do you offer net 30-day terms?

No, we do not provide terms to customers. We will only ship or hold orders that have been paid for.

What kind of payment do you accept?
  • We accept VisaMasterCard, and American Express through PayPal 
  • We accet credit card through STRIPE payments.
  • We accept $CAD Canadian E-Transfers.
  • We do not accept personal, company, or COD checks.
What taxes will be applied to mail orders?
  • Stones and Findings is located in Toronto, Ontario. We charge Provincial Sales Tax on all orders fulfilled to customers in Ontario. Sales made and shipped to customers in other provinces are exempt from Ontario sales tax but expected to comply with their province’s current laws regarding out-of-province purchases.
  • The federal General Sales Tax is charged on all sales to customers in Canada, except for Maritime customers (excluding PEI) who are expected to pay Harmonized Sales Tax instead of PST/GST. Orders shipped to customers in other countries, including the USA, are exempt from both the PST and GST taxes. Some customs fees may apply.
Do you always have stock?
  • No. It really depends on the market demand and material supply. We try to carry popular and regular items all the time. However, we can not guarantee the availability of any particular item at any time
  • Check your receipt. Once we have received your order we pack it and only at that time are the quantities and availability known.
  • Large quantities. For some items it takes 2 months to receive a new shipment. Give us as much lead time as possible and we will do our best to make sure you have the items you need.
  • Reserve the Right to substitute. When you sell the items make sure you reserve the right to substitute beads so that you do not get caught in an awkward situation.
How do you ship and how do you charge for shipping?
  • We do not make money on shipping! We charge you what we have to pay. We do our best to get the best rates and the most convenient service.
  • Canpar. Canpar delivers to commercial areas from 10-6, and there needs to be someone to receive the package when it gets delivered, otherwise they get sent back to us.
    We get a discount off their regular rates but to get approximate rates use M5C1R6 as our postal code. This options is available by request. 
  • Canada Post: Canadians: These options will calculate at card level
  • Purolator: Canadians and USA: These options will calculate at card level
  • DHL: For customers in the USA, DHL options are calculated at cart level. For international orders, please contact us for quotes.
  • Chit Chats USPS an Asendia: USA and International: These options will be calculated at cart level.
  • Insurance. Will always be applied. (except for USPS) The maximum amount of insurance for any parcel is $5000. If you need more insurance we will ship it as 2 parcels.
  • We will provide you with a tracking number. 
  • Back order shipment is considered a separate shipment from original order. Freight charges will be added to every back order shipment.
  • Exchange is considered a return of shipped order followed by a separate new order. Customer need to pay both return freight and new order’s outgoing freight.
  • International Shipping (outside USA). We currently use DHL Express Worldwide and Asendia for International orders. The DHL rate for your individual order will be calculated once it has been received, and you will be asked for confirmation before payment.
What are your shipping costs?

Shipping costs usually depend on the shipping company chosen, the weight of the package, and destination. Addresses within Canada can expect a lower shipping rate than international destinations. Also keep in mind any extra customs or taxes you might have to pay on top of the shipping from us.

What shipping method do you use?

Within Canada, we use Canpar, Purolator and Canada Post as our shipping companies. To the United States we use DHL, Purolator and USPS. For international destinations we use DHL and Asendia.

What coverage do you provide for purchases made online?

By default, our price estimates for Canada Post Xpress Post, Expedited and Priority Courier cover the cost of the package contents. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

My package was delivered late, can my shipping cost be refunded?

Our price estimates for shipping your item include an insurance coverage. If your package has been delivered late, we’ll be able to refund the base shipping rate, minus insurance coverage.

What is your return policy?
  • Cut chains are all final sale. No Exceptions.
  • Cut wire is final sale. No Exceptions.
  • Sale and Last Call Items can be returned with 7 calendar days of receiving the product. Sales and Last Call items cannot be returned after this period. 
  • No returns for trade show purchases or custom orders.
  • If the return drops the order total below the $150 minimum, the $15 handling will apply
  • Online or phone orders are the only orders that qualify for returns.
  • All returns need an authorization number. Please email us to get one. (if you do not get a reply in 1 business day, please call us.)
  • Customer need to pay the return freight and any applicable duties or taxes incurred in the return.
  • We reserve the right to change the quantity discount if the return drops you out of a quantity discount bracket.
  • If a return is improperly packaged or damaged in shipping we will not accept it.
  • Items must be returned in their original format. (No broken strands will be accepted.)
  • Our Return address is:
    Stones and Findings
    Att: Lori French
    9 Adelaide Place
    Toronto ON
    M5V 2N7
    Our location only has a secure mailbox with a slot measuring

    28cm x 1cm.  If your parcel is bigger than these dimensions, please send it to us with “Signature Required”. Insuring the return is the responsibly of the sender.

  • We will handle refunds as laid out in the following table. (Days refers to calendar days not business days.)
Days after receiving shipment Online Return Policy
7 days or less Full Refund for bead items and findings purchased.
30 days or less 15% restocking fee
60 days or less 30% restocking fee
More than 60 days No returns will be accepted
Do you issue credit for unusable beads?

It is common to have some beads or pearls in a strand not suitable for your use for various reasons. We do NOT issue credit for those beads or pearls because the price always reflects the general quality of the entire strand, not every single piece . Therefore, if the overall quality of the entire strand doesn’t meet your requirements, you can return the whole strand in its original condition. Please refer to our return policy. We do not issue refunds for returns of partial strands or used strands.

Never received email?

The email may have been intercepted by your Spam Filter. Check through your spam and see if there is an email from us.

Email you receive is blank?

This means that you probably have HTML emails turned off. You can turn it on and follow the instructions on the email. If you don’t want to turn it on, you can have a temporary password sent to you in plain format. Send Password page.

Do you have an office for local pick up?

Yes, you can pick up your order at our Toronto Office.

Please wait until you received your pickup notification before stopping by.

Average processing time is 24-48 business hours.

Our Address:
9 Adelaide Place
Toronto, Ontario

Open Monday to Friday 10-4

Do you allow courier or ride share pick-up?

Yes, we do.

When placing your order, please choose the shipping option:

Local Courier Pick-up

In the NOTES section, please let us know the company that you will send for the pick up.

Example: “I will be sending UBER to pick up my order”

Unless you purchase insurance with your courier, your package will not be insured through us, for this type of delivery method. 

Order processing time is 24-48 business hours. Please wait until you receive your pickup notification before sending your courier. We process order in a first in first out method. We will not prioritize your order if you send your courier before we send you the pick-up confirmation. 

Your courier must come directly to our office for pick-up. The driver must have a copy of the invoice or Your Invoice Number and full name(s) for security. If they do not have a copy of your invoice and cannot confirm your address or order number, we cannot hand over the parcel to the courier.

If your courier requires it, our office phone number is:


Once you receive your confirmation that your order is ready for pick-up, please confirm that the courier is on the way, once you have ordered their service. 

Please provide us with the drivers license plate number.  If a courier is able to provide us with your invoice, we will release the parcel and consider it delivered.  We will not be responsible for non-deliveries thereafter.

The purchaser must arrange for the courier pick-up. Stones and Findings will not arrange for this service.

By choosing Local Courier Pick-up at checkout, you agree to these terms and conditions.