Consent Waiver 

Please read carefully

During ESI – April 14-15, We offering the opportunity to experience permanent jewelry. This promo is to allow those wishing to add this service to their business an opportunity to see how it is done.

These promo bracelets have an average retail price of $65-$75.

The Special price for our promo bracelet will be:

$30 Sterling Silver

$45 Gold Filled

The chain style offered for our Promo Bracelet will be the paperclip. 

If there is a line up, we do not allow “spot holding.” Each individual must line up to purchase their bracelet.


I understand that Stones and Findings, or their employees, does NOT offer permanent Jewelry, as a service, outside of this promo.

I understand that Stones and Findings, or their employees, does NOT offer any after care, resizing, repairs, replacements or refunds of your promo bracelet.

You will be asked to look away or wear protective eye wear during the welding and there will be a protect patch between you skin and the weld.

I understand that Stone and findings, or their employees, are not responsible for any injury/allergic reactions during or after the application of the Promo Bracelet.

I Acknowledge that I am at least 18 years of age.

I acknowledge that I have received and understood these terms and conditions.

By purchasing our Promo Bracelet, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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ESI Waiver of Consent
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ESI Waiver of Consent
ESI Waiver of Consent
ESI Waiver of Consent