Enamel Chains: Durable, Colorful, and Perfect for Permanent Jewelry

Enamel Chains: Durable, Colorful, and Perfect for Permanent Jewelry

In this video, we discuss everything you need to know about enamel chains – from their popularity, to how they are made, how they wear as permanent jewelry, and I will test their durability against stones and pearls. 

Enamel jewelry has been a beloved art form for centuries, admired for its vibrant colors and remarkable durability. Today, enamel jewelry has surged in popularity as a modern trend, especially in the realm of permanent jewelry. With its vivid hues and resilience, enamel offers a unique and enduring appeal.

The Allure of Enamel Chains and Jewelry

One of the key attractions of enamel jewelry is its wide array of colors. These High-grade enamel chains, in particular, are renowned for their brilliant shades and long-lasting finish. Notably, many of these exquisite chains are crafted in Italy, a country celebrated for its exceptional chain and fine jewelry manufacturing.

The Intricate Manufacturing Process of Enamel Chains

Creating enamel chains is a complex and capital-intensive process. Each chain begins as wire, which is fed into a highly specialized machine. These machines, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, are programmed to produce only one type of chain, ensuring precision and consistency.

Once the chain is formed, it is transferred to another machine for enameling. This machine meticulously applies enamel to the chain links, which is then cured with UV light—a process similar to that used for dental enamel fillings.

What Is Enamel?

At its core, enamel is a glass compound typically composed of quartz, iron oxide, potassium oxide, and borax. Various metal oxides and chlorides are added to create different colors. While the exact formulas used by factories are still secrets, the resulting enamel is known for its impressive durability and color stability.

Enamel Chains: Durability and Resistance

The enamel which our factory creates is resistant to fading or yellowing. According to our manufacturer, there have never been any complaints about the enamel’s color changing over time. Unlike resin, which can become dull or discolored, enamel retains its brilliance indefinitely.

To demonstrate the enamel’s durability, we conducted an experiment with a white enamel bracelet worn by our manager, Lori. Known for her active lifestyle, Lori’s jewelry undergoes considerable wear and tear. She frequently swims and uses hot tubs while wearing her jewelry and has a highly acidic pH level in her perspiration, which typically tarnishes silver and gold-filled chains quickly. However, after 10 weeks of continuous wear, the enamel bracelet showed no signs of yellowing or fading.

Durability Test for Enamel Chain

To further assess the enamel’s resilience, we conducted a series of rigorous tests. We subjected the enamel beads to scratch and fracture resistance tests by smashing, dropping, and whipping them against a solid block. Additionally, we dropped a heavy 330g steel block from heights of 10 cm and 17.5 cm onto the beads, applying forces of 1600 and 2800 newtons, respectively.

For comparison, we performed the same tests on natural semi-precious stone beads and pearls. While the natural beads were crushed under the applied force, the enamel beads remained unscathed. The only way to damage the enamel beads was by applying a significant compressive force with pliers, which also destroyed the chain links.

Final Thoughts

Our tests confirmed the remarkable durability of enamel jewelry. Its resistance to scratches, fractures, and color changes makes it an ideal choice for permanent jewelry. Whether you’re seeking vibrant colors or long-lasting wear, enamel jewelry offers both aesthetic beauty and practical resilience.

For those looking to invest in durable and colorful permanent jewelry, enamel chains and beads are a fantastic option. Explore our collection of high-quality enamel jewelry and experience the timeless appeal and unmatched durability for yourself.

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