Easy Stretchy Bracelet

Easy Stretchy Bracelet

Perfect for both beginners and seasoned designers . 

To make this bracelet you are going to need the following:

1.  Elastic Silk

2.  Smooth Round Rose Quartz


This video shows you how to string elastic bracelets with a stringing hack.  I often get asked what is the best elastic to use for stone bracelets.  I personally prefer the Elastic Silk (some companies call it White Gossamer elastic) over Elastomer (which is round and won’t require a needle to help guide the elastic through beads).

Elastomer tends to stretch over time and if the beads are slightly heavier, such as stone beads would be, this would be a problem.  The Elastic Silk retains its elasticity better and is what the professional bracelet makers prefer, but require a needle.  I simply use a leftover piece of tiger tail/ silver wire or stiffer fishing line – whatever is handy – and fold it over and double up the elastic. 

This gives added security if ever the edges of the beads are sharp and some shredding happens.  With the strands gathered, I tied them together using the Overhand Knot. 

If the bead hole is big enough, I tuck the knot into it by pulling from the other side.  However, since the elastic is clear and sheer enough, it’s not noticeable and I don’t bother.  For those who care, you can also reem a bit of the bead.