Endless Hoops to Eternity Necklace

Endless Hoops to Eternity Necklace

DIY Jewelry Tutorial Hack – How to Make Eternity Necklace Pendant (with Salvaged Endless Hoops)

In this video, I will show you how to turn broken endless hoops into a beautiful pendant necklace. This method will work with any hollow tube and any drop!
Sometimes you lose one hoop and Instead of throwing it out, you can reuse it to create a cool necklace.

Endless hoops are beautiful hoops made with a hollow tube, with a pin soldered to one side. You put them on by pivoting the endless hoop open, inserting the pin into the ear lobe and then into the other end of the tube. However, if you force the pin or keep twisting it back and forth, the metal can break off due to stress. This is exactly what happened with my hoop.

Don’t through the extra away! Get creative and make this stunning Eternity Necklace.

Take a pin and wrap the chosen drop onto the middle of the length of chain that you wish to use.  This is a much easier way to find the center point, as you will see later on in the video.
Then take a length of wire that is at least two inches longer than the circumference of the endless hoop.  Insert and go through the hoop.  Use one side of the wire and attach to the chain, the position depends on how far you would like it to drop.  Trim and adjust the wrapped loop.
Pull the other end of the wire to remove any slack and do the same on the other side.  Make sure the chain in the middle is not twisted and count the chain links to ensure the length of the right and left are even.  Trim excess wire.  Adjust the wire wrapped loops as desired.