Using A Wire Guardian

Using A Wire Guardian

DIY Jewelry Tutorial – How to Finish A Strung Beaded Necklace

This video will show you how to finish a beaded necklace using wire guardians and clasp.  Don’t worry, it is easy!

I have designed an endless necklace that can be worn in many ways! I can as a one long necklace to go with your evening wear. You can wear it as 2-strand or 3-strand necklace, depending on you neckline. Perhaps you don’t wear necklaces? You can wear this design as a dramatic 7-strand bracelet or as a 5-strand anklet. We love these multi use jewellery pieces! Wire guardians add a more finished look to your jewellery. Wire guardians are a great add in to protect a more fragile stringing material like silk and a great alternative to clam shells.

This necklace/ bracelet is versatile and easy to make and easy to wear.  Below are the components I used (along with their online product codes).  Feel free to share this video and the recipe of beads.  The beads can be substituted. Use any color that appeals to you of any small stone or crystal.

Hyacinth 3mm Swarovski bicone bead (YS01Q)  x 127

Siam Ruby 3mm Swarovski bicone bead (YS03L)  x 148

Smokey Quartz 3mm Swarovski bicone bead (YS03Q) x 140 

3mm gold filled round bead (FD2JG) x 2 

2mm gold filled crimp bead (FD2HG) x 2 

3.5mm gold filled crimp cover (FD4EG) x 2  

4mm gold filled soldered closed jump ring (FN0WG) x 2 

4mm gold filled 20 ga jump ring (FJ01G) x 2 

Wire Guardian gold filled (FKAXG) X 2 

8mm gold filled spring ring clasp (FK3XG)x 1

Soft Touch 0.1″/0.25mm Very Fine Bead Wire x 4ft (1.2m)