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Jewelry Tutorial – How to Use the Side Cail as Bail for Side Drill Drops

The Side Cail is the perfect bail for briolettes (side drilled drops) Begin by forming the Side Cail to fit the drop – measuring the width where the drill holes are.  The width of stones usually varies in most strands, so you want to do this for individual drops and not do them all at once.  […]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make a Necklace Using the Ivy Cail by Amoracast

The Cail, invented by Amoracast, works like a cap and looks like a bail – hence, Cail! It is a clever invention that can transform any vertically drilled bead into a beautiful pendant.   Start by forming the Cail around the bead, if it is irregularly shaped.  Once you are satisfied with the way it will sit, […]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Use a Unicorn Bead cap

Use a head pin (at least 1.5″ long) and thread your bead and then the cap.  The cap fits ideally an 8mm bead.  If your bead is irregular in shape, adjust the cap slightly to fit snug around the bead. Using a pair of round nose pliers, make a loop with the head pin.  Then […]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make a Basic Wire Wrap for a Top Drilled Drop

To wire wrap top drill (sometimes called a side drill) drop (often called a briolette), you can do a basic wrap with a loop, or a fancier wrap, with lots of wire around the tip.  This video shows the basic technique.   Start by cutting 2″ of wire (more if larger drop, or less if the […]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Wire Wrap Nest Beads with Wire.

Begin with a length of wire and wrap around a doweling – the size depends on how large you want the beads to be. Start off with a bit of wrapping and then crisscross as many times as possible.  How many times depends on aesthetic. Keep crisscrossing until there is only a bit of wire […]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Wire Wrap Beads Along the Modern Earring Hook by Amoracast

Here is how I made these earrings using the Amoracast Modern Hook and 2 mm rainbow moonstone beads.  Start with 26 gauge wire – and actually the longer the better.  Thread all of the beads and hold at the bottom using one hand (and actually it’s better with a pair of pliers) to wrap the […]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make An Angel Pendant Using Calla Lily Cone and Angel Wing Spacer Bead By Amoracast

We are using 3mm bicones and 2 inch chain for the legs and feet, the Calla Lily cone for the skirt and Angel Wings.  First make the legs.  Take a small head pin and thread the 3mm bicone.  Make a loop and slip the chain inside the loop before closing it by wire wrapping.  Use […]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make Angel Pendant with Angel Wing Spacer Bead by Amoracast

To Create, use a stone pear shaped bead before the skirt, a daisy spacer, an angel wing spacer bead by Amoracast, followed by a 4mm pearl and another daisy spacer for the halo. You can substitute the beads for the skirt and head, but the essential component are the wings.   Thread all of the components, […]

Jewelry Tutorial – How to easily make reindeer earrings with the Antler Bead Cap by Amoracast

First thing you do is thread all of the beads using a long head pin (at least 1.5″ – 3.5cm) , from the bottom up. Then, with a pair of round nose pliers, make a loop.  Make sure that it is the size you want, with the tip of the pliers, so that it is […]

Forming Shapes from Soldered Rings- Jewellery Hack

I often incorporate unusually shaped sterling silver pieces in my jewellery. It is actually very easy but the secret is to start with soldered rings. I form different shapes with pliers – pulling in opposite directions with two pairs of pliers to create squares and diamond shapes, pulling with one to create drop or scalloped shapes…all sorts […]