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How To Weld Invisible Connection with Briolette Drop for Permanent Bracelets – Microwelder Tutorial


In this video, I demonstrate how easy it is to weld an invisible connection with a briolette (drop stone bead) for permanent bracelets. The result is that no wire is showing, and the drop bead looks like it is floating on the chain. Find wire that is thin enough to go through the hole of the […]

How to Weld Briolette (Teardrop) Beads in Seconds – Micro Welding Tutorial

This video shows you how easy it is to attach a briolette (teardrop) stone by welding.  It only takes seconds, and anyone can do it – as opposed to wire wrapping, which takes time and some skill. You can use the thickest wire that can go through the teardrop bead.  Depending on the size of […]

How to Measure and Weld a Permanent Bangle Bracelet Using Wire


In this video, I teach how to measure and weld a Permanent Bangle Bracelet from scratch (using wire). I will introduce different wire thicknesses – 12ga (2mm) to 18ga (1mm) using sterling silver wire, and welding using the Orion Micro Welder mPulse 30. I will demonstrate 2 different methods to calculate the wire required for […]

How To Prevent Silver From Tarnishing Without Lacquer Coating – Experiment on Italian Silver Coating

Everybody is looking for the best method to prevent silver from tarnishing. I filmed this experiment to test the effectiveness of a newly invented plating system. This will help keep the bright appearance of the treated silver for a longer period of time. You can still solder and chemically oxidize the silver chain. . One […]

Welding Mother and Daughter Permanent Bracelet with the Orion Micro Welder mPulse

In this video, I filmed the process of creating and welding a Mother and Daughter permanent bracelet, using the Orion Micro Welder mPulse.  I wanted to make a Mother and Daughter bracelet. You can also make one with a clasp, as I have done for mine, while my daughter’s is permanently welded closed. You can […]

What is Permanent Jewelry? Why this trend is so hot and How it works Explained – Orion Micro Welder

In this video, I will attempt to provide a thorough explanation as to what Permanent Jewelry is. Also, what is behind this phenomenal craze! Permanent jewelry has no clasp; it is welded closed right on the body.  Think extreme fashion show – they need an exact fit, so the garments are stitched right onto the body.  The only […]

Important Tips On Electrode and Power for Orion Micro Welder – Permanent Jewelry Welding Tutorial

This video will talk about what you need to know about the maintenance and shape of the Electrode, in the Orion Micro Welder.  The electrode is the needle which conducts the electricity in arc pulse welding.  It is encased in the Stylus. With use, the electrode gets gunky (sooty) due to the accumulation of fire […]

FaceTime Jewelry How-To Lesson for Orion Micro Welder

I show you the points from my very first FaceTime micro welder lesson that I taught with the Orion Micro Welder mPulse. There are a couple of things I feel worth sharing here because it never occurred to me that they could prevent people from welding successfully. For clarification, it was not a full lesson. […]

Welding fine link chains

How To Weld Permanent Bracelet with Thin Fine Chain In this video, I show you how to weld a permanent bracelet (forever bracelet) using a 1mm thin curb chain and the Orion Micro Welder mPulse.  The links of the chain I use can only fit 26 gauge wire (0.4mm). I like to use fine […]

Wire Wrapping Attaching Fine Chain to Clasp Without Soldering

Easy DIY Jewelry Tutorial : Wire Wrapping Loops I have this quick video showing you how to attach a fine link chain to a clasp, without welding or soldering. By wire wrapping figure 8 style loops, you can attach them as securely as if they had been soldered. First chose the wire that can go […]