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FaceTime Jewelry How-To Lesson for Orion Micro Welder

I show you the points from my very first FaceTime micro welder lesson that I taught with the Orion Micro Welder mPulse. There are a couple of things I feel worth sharing here because it never occurred to me that they could prevent people from welding successfully. For clarification, it was not a full lesson. […]

Welding fine link chains

How To Weld Permanent Bracelet with Thin Fine Chain In this video, I show you how to weld a permanent bracelet (forever bracelet) using a 1mm thin curb chain and the Orion Micro Welder mPulse.  The links of the chain I use can only fit 26 gauge wire (0.4mm). I like to use fine […]

Wire Wrapping Attaching Fine Chain to Clasp Without Soldering

Easy DIY Jewelry Tutorial : Wire Wrapping Loops I have this quick video showing you how to attach a fine link chain to a clasp, without welding or soldering. By wire wrapping figure 8 style loops, you can attach them as securely as if they had been soldered. First chose the wire that can go […]

Ring Bracelet Permanent Jewelry

How To Make Ring Bracelet Permanent Jewelry – Step by Step Tutorial with Orion Micro Welder Body jewelry is beautiful, and even more exciting when it is permanent!  Here I filmed myself making a permanent ring bracelet just from chain and jump rings, using the Orion Micro Welder mPulse. First, measure the chain needed for the […]

Jump Rings and Fine Chains

How to Add Jump Ring Through Fine Chain (and Satellite Chain)- Jewelry Tutorial This video shows you how I enlarge the link of a fine curb chain so that an open ring can be added. Sometimes the links in our favourite chain are too small to easily fit the jump rings we want to thread […]

Stud Earrings – Professional Look

Jewelry Hack Tutorial -Ball Studs for Beginners In this video, I show one of my favorite hacks for creating handmade silversmith looking stud earrings – quickly and professionally. Instead of filing and hammering silver, followed by soldering on the post, I simply start with factory made ball studs.  This eliminates the need to do soldering later. […]

Gold Filled Chain – Dramatic Baroque Pearl Ring

DIY Jewelry Tutorial – How to Make A Baroque Pearl gold filled Chain Ring (or Any Beaded Chain Ring) In this video. I will show you how to easily make a baroque pearl ring using wire and gold filled chain.  You can use this same method to make any beaded chain ring. This is very […]

Charm Holder – Using Soldered Rings

Jewelry Tutorial – Easy Steps to Make a Soldered Ring Charm Holder Pendant This video will show you how to easily make a soldered ring pendant that can hold multiple charms – while remaining weight balanced! This method is guaranteed to work for ANY shaped soldered ring or frame. Oval, rectangle, square and organically shaped […]

Endless Hoops to Eternity Necklace

DIY Jewelry Tutorial Hack – How to Make Eternity Necklace Pendant (with Salvaged Endless Hoops) In this video, I will show you how to turn broken endless hoops into a beautiful pendant necklace. This method will work with any hollow tube and any drop!Sometimes you lose one hoop and Instead of throwing it out, you […]

Wire Wrap – Flower Connector

Jewelry Tutorial – How to Wire Wrap a Florette Pattern Connector In this jewelry tutorial video, I will show you how to wire wrap a Florette (or flower pattern) connector with beads. This method works for all different sizes of stone beads, pearls or crystals. You can substitute for size and shape to make so […]

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