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Are Grounded Pliers Safe for Welding Permanent Jewelry?

grounded pliers testing

Are grounded, pliers, safe and reliable for welding Permanent Jewelry? In this video I attempt to replicate an issue a customer of mine was having. A number of people were making their own grounded pliers before Sunstone engineering started manufacturing and selling them.  Grounded pliers are useful because they provide better control for holding chain and […]

Sunstone PJ Scope Mobile 5x Full Product Review For Permanent Jewelry

In this video, I conduct a product review for the PJ Scope Mobile 5X Optics, made by Sunstone Engineering, out of Utah, USA. The PJ scope differs from the previous arm scope in that it has weight balanced base that allows the scope to be quickly assembled, without the use of clamps secured onto the […]

The BEST Power Setting For Micro Welding With and Without Argon | Free Chart Table Resource

the best power setting for micro welding permanent jewelry

Optimal Power Setting is one that gives a consistent and secure weld, while not over melting the metal. So for a jump ring, this would mean that it does not flat top or warped. To determine the optimal setting for each type of metal and thickness, I welded the jump ring and the try to […]


jewelry making tutorial welding cocktail ring

A wonderfully creative idea for both cocktail parties and gift-giving! A Magnetic Ring will not only be lots of fun, but it can also double as a cocktail glass marker. You will never mistake your class at any parties again! Stay safe and have lots of fun. In this episode, I demonstrate how to create […]

Sunstone Micro-welder Comparison for Handmade and Permanent Jewelry Artisans

In this video, I compare the lineup of micro welders in the permanent jewellery industry, made by Sunstone Engineering in Utah, USA. There has been an introduction of many new welders, with differing features and price points to meet the demands of the rapidly expanding Permanent Jewelry industry. I have been repeatedly asked the differences […]

Zapp Plus Product Review

This is a full product review for the recently released Zapp Plus micro welder, produced by Sunstone Engineering in Utah, USA. This arc pulse welder is produced largely for the permanent jewelry market and jewelry makers/bench jewellers.  It is priced at $1299, and positioned as an affordable welder that has the power range of 1J-30J […]