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From Traditional to Permanent Bracelet | Permanent Jewelry Micro Welding Idea Tutorial

traditional to permanent bracelet tutorial

In this video, I document how I turned and welded an antique sterling silver bracelet into a permanent bracelet. I had welded a permanent bracelet on this person a year ago, and she loved it so much that she brought her beloved bracelet and asked me to weld it. It was challenging because the chain […]

Are Grounded Pliers Safe for Welding Permanent Jewelry?

grounded pliers testing

Are grounded, pliers, safe and reliable for welding Permanent Jewelry? In this video I attempt to replicate an issue a customer of mine was having. A number of people were making their own grounded pliers before Sunstone engineering started manufacturing and selling them.  Grounded pliers are useful because they provide better control for holding chain and […]

Welding Pearl Drop Stud Earrings – Unleash Your Creativity with Micro Welding

In this video, I demonstrate how to make a pair of pearl drop stud earrings with a hand stamped initial for my daughter, using arc pulse micro welding. I first hand stamped the initial on a quality tag. These tags are generally used for the ends of bracelets or necklaces, but sometimes designers use them for charms. I […]

Is Permanent Jewelry Profitable as a Business?

permanent jewelry profits

I often get asked: Is Permanent Jewelry Profitable as a Business? So, I decided to make this video to explain why permanent jewelry, also referred to as PJ, is an incredibly profitable business. If you actually look on social media and track some of the businesses offering PJ, you will find what started out as side […]

How much does it COST to start a Permanent Jewelry (PJ) Business – Small Business Break Down

In this video, I will attempt to thoroughly answer the question: How much does it cost to start my own PJ business? I get asked this question A LOT because it’s actually not a lot and it is very profitable. If you actually look on social media and track some of the businesses offering this service, […]

A look at the benefits of micro welders

the benefits of micro welders

I am the founder of Stones and Findings, a jewelry components wholesale company, specializing in charm designs and chains. I am formally trained in fine arts and finance, earning an MBA from the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Business.  I started making and selling jewelry as a way to pay for my university tuition. […]

Elevate Your Business with Permanent Jewelry: Embracing Experiential Retail

Elevate Your Business with Permanent Jewelry: Embracing Experiential Retail

Businesses in the current retail landscape are constantly seeking innovative ways to captivate customers and differentiate themselves from competitors. One increasingly popular strategy is integrating permanent jewelry into their offerings, transforming the traditional shopping experience into a memorable and immersive journey. In this article, we will delve into the idea of Permanent Jewelry, also referred […]

How to Weld Onto Yourself Without Assistance – Permanent Jewelry Micro Welding Tutorial

micro welding without help tutorial

As you can see in this video, I have many permanent jewelry bracelets on my wrist (they are addictive), some of which have been welded on me by people I’ve taught to weld, but most of them I welded by myself as part of filming. It is a wonderful idea to model chains yourself because […]

Sunstone PJ Scope Mobile 5x Full Product Review For Permanent Jewelry

In this video, I conduct a product review for the PJ Scope Mobile 5X Optics, made by Sunstone Engineering, out of Utah, USA. The PJ scope differs from the previous arm scope in that it has weight balanced base that allows the scope to be quickly assembled, without the use of clamps secured onto the […]