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Welding Pearl Drop Stud Earrings – Unleash Your Creativity with Micro Welding

In this video, I demonstrate how to make a pair of pearl drop stud earrings with a hand stamped initial for my daughter, using arc pulse micro welding. I first hand stamped the initial on a quality tag. These tags are generally used for the ends of bracelets or necklaces, but sometimes designers use them for charms. I […]

Unleash Your Creativity with Micro Welding Episode 6 – How to Weld Threader Earrings

In this video, I show how to weld long threaders earrings, and master the technique of welding stud posts to fine chains.   It is important to use stud posts that do not contain a “base”, popularly used to solder or weld stud earrings with a casting.  You want to keep it as thin as […]

How To Weld Reindeer Antler Pearl Earrings | Christmas Jewelry Idea


In this video, I show how easy it is to make festive Reindeer Earrings by welding pearl drops and slipping them onto a pair of Reindeer Antler Hooks by Amoracast. I perform the weld using the Orion mPulse30 micro welder, made by Sunstone Engineering, in Utah USA. This weld can be performed by any of their […]

Unleash Your Creativity with Micro Welding Episode 2 – Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklace


In this video, I shared the technique of making a pendant by welding wire with a baroque pearl (and any bead), using a micro welder. This method works for any pulse arc micro welder that can weld between 5 W to 10 W power. In this video, I am using the Zapp, but it works […]

Shapes in Freshwater Pearls

Looking at the fashion trend for the last few years, geometric designs are in. You’ll notice this trend increasingly in Balenciaga or Pedro Lourenco. A great way to play off…

Not Your Grandmother’s Pearl Necklace

Legend has it that Cleopatra seduced Marc Antony with a lavish meal whereby she dissolved an exquisite pearl in vinegar and swallowed the concoction in one mouthful.  In ancient times, pearls were of such immense value that a sizeable pearl was worth enough money to raise an army. Although the price of pearls has certainly come […]