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How to Weld a Box Chain With and Without Jump Ring Permanent Jewelry Tutorial


In this video, I share with you the techniques and tips for welding a box chain – with and without the use of a jump ring. A box chain is made using a flattened wire that is shaped into square links, giving it a boxy, elegant and minimalist look. If the links are large enough, […]

Orion PJ vs mPulse 30 for Permanent Jewelry- Comparison and Product Review


This video is an in-depth comparison between the Orion mPulse 30 and the new Orion PJ, leading Permanent Jewelry arc pulse micro welders made by Sunstone Engineering, in Utah, USA. I will compare the following differences: – Packaging and Weight – Physical Appearance and Control Settings – Price – Accessories and Attachments (Stylus and Ground) […]

The Pop-Up World: Everything You Need to Know

I presented this permanent jewelry business lesson live at PJX (Permanent Jewelry Expo in Las Vegas), sponsored by Sunstone Orion Micro Welders. I want to share this with all those who could not attend. This video will teach you everything you need to know to plan and execute a successful Pop-Up event.  The material covers […]

Chain 101: Everything You Need to Know about Size, Style, Metal, and Gauge

The ultimate crash course in metal jewelry components and chains! I taught this at the Permanent Jewelry Expo (PJX0 in Las Vegas) and now you can watch it here. This basic knowledge is essential for anyone new to jewelry making, but also informative for seasoned goldsmiths. The course will cover different metals and styles popular to […]

Permanent Jewelry Trends and Ideas – Permanent Jewelry Expo Lesson, Tutorial, and Notes


In this video, I share the latest trends and ideas for permanent jewelry. I taught this course at the recent Permanent Jewelry Expo (PJX) in Las Vegas. The Permanent Jewelry Industry is growing fast and furiously, with many new components and trends coming onto the market. This video is a fun slideshow of creative permanent […]

Instagram Tips That Actually Grow Your Business Part 1

I’m going to share my Instagram Journey with you .  All the tips I have learned and the mistakes I’ve made!!! I have built my follower base from 2k to over 40k, organically, through trial and error, and by myself! I don’t have technical training nor was I ever very active on social media before this […]