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Permanent Jewelry Trends and Ideas – Permanent Jewelry Expo Lesson, Tutorial, and Notes


In this video, I share the latest trends and ideas for permanent jewelry. I taught this course at the recent Permanent Jewelry Expo (PJX) in Las Vegas. The Permanent Jewelry Industry is growing fast and furiously, with many new components and trends coming onto the market. This video is a fun slideshow of creative permanent […]

FaceTime Jewelry How-To Lesson for Orion Micro Welder

I show you the points from my very first FaceTime micro welder lesson that I taught with the Orion Micro Welder mPulse. There are a couple of things I feel worth sharing here because it never occurred to me that they could prevent people from welding successfully. For clarification, it was not a full lesson. […]

Instagram Tips That Actually Grow Your Business Part 1

I’m going to share my Instagram Journey with you .  All the tips I have learned and the mistakes I’ve made!!! I have built my follower base from 2k to over 40k, organically, through trial and error, and by myself! I don’t have technical training nor was I ever very active on social media before this […]

How To Wire Wrap Linked Beads in a Chain Style

This video shows how to link beads by wire wrapping them and how to finish them by attaching the chained beads to chains.  Use 26 or 24 gauge dead soft silver wire for best results when using small beads like pearls and crystals.  To do this most efficiently, thread all beads on in the order […]

How to Solder With Flux and Avoid Balling Up the Flux

This video features a tip on how to solder silver with flux and what to do when the flux balls up and won’t run. 

When soldering silver and using hard or soft solder, I often find the solder balls up – it just refuses to jump no matter how long it’s under the flame. This […]

How To Use Clam Shell Bead Tips

Clamshell beads are a great way to finish off a strung necklace, we’ll walk you through it and there’s a video below for you to check out! To make things a little easier I’ve put a bit of glue on the tip of the string to create a needle-like tapered end which I’ll string through the […]

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: Part 9 – Branding and Packaging

Studies have shown that, on average, each consumer needs to be exposed to a brand or message at least five times before they make the connection and take action such as making a product inquiry or even a purchase.  Therefore, to gain maximum effectiveness in each exposure, you should be consistent with the message and […]

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: Part 5 – Earring Displays

When displaying earrings sometimes you just need height, sometimes you have limited space or a lot of empty table space. There are also times when the statement pieces just won’t fit into standard earring racks.  It’s important to find unique objects that can be repurposed. At this pop-up, I’ve used desktop foldable postcard/photograph holders from Umbra […]

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: part 4 – Merchandising Colours

Thin jewelry can become visually lost when merchandised with chunkier pieces. The best way to provide visual impact when you have a mixture of sizes is to group them by colour. Purples, pinks and wines work well together. Likewise, reds, oranges and browns group well. I find that it’s best to create sections with trays […]

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: Part 3

When planning a Pop-Up shop that needs to be packed up and transported quickly stackable jewellery trays come in very handy.   These lightweight stackable plastic trays are available in 3/4″ to 2″ depths, and commonly come in black and white. You should use tray inserts to cushion and pin any items to, and they they […]