Cascading Chain Tutorial

Cascading Chain Tutorial

This jewelry tutorial video shows how to make long cascading chain earrings with a briolette stone and thin chains.

To Make These Earrings, you will need the following:
1. FIne Cable Flat Oval Gold Filled Chain

2. 24ga Gold Filled Wire

3. Teardrop Rose Quartz

4. 4mm Round Bead

5. Gold Filled Earrings

This technique can easily be adapted for designs with different stones, chains and different chain lengths.

Start off by cutting different lengths of chain – in this video, the four chains are 3/4″, 1.5″, 2″ and 3″ in length. Note, you can easily use two different chain lengths or have more or fewer chains.

I first thread two of the chains, followed by the bead and then the last two chains, using soft gold filled wire. I then make a wire wrapped loop at the top of the bead, securing all of the chains and creating the loop to hang from an earring hook which I will add on last.

Then I wire wrap 4mm drops to connect a chain on the right to one on left of the bead.

I am careful to take the loop at equal distance from the top so that the bead will hang down the middle. If you choose to have drops drape off to the side, then choose the chain link accordingly. I do the same with the last chains.

From here, you may wish to add more drops anywhere along the chains. The options are endless.