Canadian Jewelry Component Suppliers

Canadian Jewelry Component Suppliers
There are many Canadian Jewelry Component Suppliers. All major Canadian cities have a large supplier of jewelry components. Many of them are located in Toronto. Most of these are bead stores that also wholesale. There are only a few, like Stones And Findings, that is not open to the public unless at tradeshows, or have minimums for wholesale pricing.

Canadian Jewelry Component Suppliers tend to be smaller than the American ones. This is to be expected as the American population is ten times that of Canada. Also, with the proliferation of online shopping, it is just as easy to buy from the USA. Because they are larger, they might be able to bargain for larger quantity discounts. However, much of the price discounts are cancelled out by the added shipping and duties. When it comes to buying stone beads and pearls, it is rather difficult to buy from across the border because returns, if they are accepted by the harsher trading terms of American jewelry component suppliers, are difficult to get tax refunds for. Stones And Findings makes online shopping easier for stones, pearls and findings. Provided that regularly priced merchandise is not cut or altered, it can be returned within 7 days of purchase, available on the receipt. No other American or Canadian Jewelry Component Suppliers do this. American suppliers are usually more focused with fewer categories of product than Canadian ones. This is largely because there are more competitors, hence, specializing is necessary to remain competitive. However, when they have a large variety, these American outlets are big. That doesn't necessarily translate into better prices are service.

Canadian Jewelry Component Suppliers tend to be closer knit because there are fewer circuits for exhibiting, and everyone knows one another. It is a predominantly friendly and congenial group, though price competition is fierce. Great customer service is fairly standard, as with cost savings in proximity. To survive against large online sellers down south, and tight competition in at home Canadian suppliers have had to adapt and offer things that are different. Some, like Stones And Findings, travel a great deal to hand pick stones and provide assurance of quality and create cuts that no one else has. We also create sterling silver findings and chains of our own. This has allowed us to be able to sell to Americans and others around the world. So, Canadians have had to work harder and be more creative to remain competitive in this market.

Outside of the  regular circuits of tradeshows  , there are also the Mode Accessories and Gift Shows, such as the Vancouver, Alberta, Toronto, and Montreal Gift Shows. These are wholesale only and generally carry anything from housewares to clothing. There may be one or two jewelry component suppliers. Most of these stores will also have websites you can visit online, however it is not really worth visiting these shows only for jewelry component suppliers.

Bead stores are an important group among Canadian Jewelry Component Suppliers. Usually prices are negotiable if you buy large quantities or are a regular customer. Their prices are higher than wholesalers in part because what you're paying for is design support and convenience of location and service. If you find components that you like from a distant place, or if you only want a small quantity, you can ask them to bring it in for you. In fact, Stones And Findings sells to a number of bead stores, and we even have customers who have asked their local store to bring in certain jewelry components that they have seen on our website.  Canadian Jewelry Component Suppliers  are not only amiable and hard working, they are helpful and flexible.