Beading Hoop

Beading Hoop

You’ll find it surprisingly easy to form a beading hoop, the foundation for a multitude of classic jewellery earring styles. Our example uses a Sterling Silver Beading Hoop and five 5mm Fushite Swarovski Crystals, but it doesn’t really matter what you use as long as the jewellery beads have been drilled wide enough for the beading hoop to slide through. You will also need a set of round nose pliers.

Making the Beading Hoop

Beading hoops come in a circular shaped, with a loop at one end and a straight tip at the other. Slide the 5 crystal jewellery beads (as in our example) or any other jewellery beads and objects you want onto the straight end of the loop. Then curl the straight end into a small hook to snag the loop end of the hoop. After sliding the hoop onto the hook, use the tip of the pliers to continue curling the hook into a full loop. The end of the loop should be finished so the end of it tucks into the original loop on the beading hoop. It doesn’t have to be exactly precise, but use the pliers to shape it and refine the loop so that it lines up with the hoop, then it won’t slide off. Finished!

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