Beading Hoop 101: How to Make Fancy Beaded Earring Hooks

Beading Hoop 101: How to Make Fancy Beaded Earring Hooks

This video shows you how to reinvent the beading hoop into a fancy beaded earrings! . 

To make these earrings you are going to need the following:

1.  Sterling Silver or Gold Filled Beading Hoops 

2.  3mm Apatite Beads 

3.  Amoracast Medium Corundum in either Sterling Silver or Gold Vermeille  

4.  Round and Chain Nose Pliers 


Beading Hoops aren’t just for threading beads into hoops – they can easily be turned into fancy earring hooks, with or without beads! Here I thread 9 little Apatite beads onto each of the 30mm hoops. Going from the loop at the base, I hold both hoops level and bend the hoops at the same spot after the beads. ( Tip – I hold both at the same time to make sure they become an identical pair. If you want to make multiples of the same length, you can make a template and use a permanent marker to mark where the bend should be. ) 


I also bend the tip of the earring hook to add a flair, but this is not necessary if you don’t wish. I then pull on the hook to elongate and alter the look slightly. Once you have the desired look, you can set the shape by hammering it – this tempers the silver, hardening it.