Aventurine is a form of quartz, it’s given visual distinction by its unique, shimmering surface – a certain metallic glisten that is caused by the inclusion of minerals on the surface of the quartz in final formative stages. Depending on the mineral that bonds to the stone’s surface, different reflective effects are achieved, and different colours are produced. For example, quartz beads that contain fuchsite will appear green, whereas the presence of iron oxide in the bead will create a red appearance in the bead, and dumortierite will cause the bead to look blue.

The remarkable glitter of aventurine has earned its own descriptor: ‘aventurescent’. The word aventurescence is applied to anything that shares or approaches aventurine’s distinctive sparkle.

For those interested in aventurine’s healing or metaphysical properties, a division is made between different colours of the gemstone. While green aventurine is associated with good luck and assistance in leadership initiatives, blue aventurine is thought to aid insight, the cultivation of patience, and bodily detoxification.

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