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How to Weld A Magnetic Clasp Bracelet – Step By Step Jewelry Tutorial

how to weld a magnetic clasp jewelry tutorial

In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to measure, cut and weld a magnetic bracelet. Magnetic clasp bracelets are a perfect alternative to traditional clasp bracelets, which many find difficult to close without the help of another person.   However, many of the magnet clasps on the market have not been strong enough and people have reported […]

How to Cut and Re-Weld Chain Links to be Inconspicuous – Step By Step Permanent Jewelry Tutorial

how to cut and re-weld chain links permanent jewelry tutorial

In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to cut a chain for welding a Permanent Bracelet so that the re-weld is virtually unnoticeable when we reuse the link. I also demonstrate how to form a circular, jump ring, after it has been welded, so as to match other oval links. This video is also a demonstration […]

How to Make and Weld Sterling Silver Wire Heart Stud Earrings – Unleash Your Creativity Episode 8

micro weld heart sterling silver studs tutorial

In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to make these heart stud earrings using sterling silver wire, and welding it to stud posts. If you do not own a welder, you can solder with a flame torch. The method for forming the wire hearts remains the same. Here I am using 24 gauge half hard wire […]

How to Weld a Turquoise Bar Necklace – Unleash Your Creativity Episode 7

micro welding tutorial

In this episode, I demonstrate fine wire welding technique and show how to make stone connecter bars, and connecter bar necklaces, using wire, beads and a ready-to-wear sterling silver chain. I am using the Orion mPulse 30 Micro welder, but any of the Sunstone micro welders, and welders that have low power setting capabilities, will […]

Unleash Your Creativity with Micro Welding Episode 6 – How to Weld Threader Earrings

earrings tutorial

In this video, I show how to weld long threaders earrings, and master the technique of welding stud posts to fine chains.   It is important to use stud posts that do not contain a “base”, popularly used to solder or weld stud earrings with a casting.  You want to keep it as thin as […]

How To Weld Reindeer Antler Pearl Earrings | Christmas Jewelry Idea


In this video, I show how easy it is to make festive Reindeer Earrings by welding pearl drops and slipping them onto a pair of Reindeer Antler Hooks by Amoracast. I perform the weld using the Orion mPulse30 micro welder, made by Sunstone Engineering, in Utah USA. This weld can be performed by any of their […]

Sunstone PJ Scope Mobile 5x Full Product Review For Permanent Jewelry

In this video, I conduct a product review for the PJ Scope Mobile 5X Optics, made by Sunstone Engineering, out of Utah, USA. The PJ scope differs from the previous arm scope in that it has weight balanced base that allows the scope to be quickly assembled, without the use of clamps secured onto the […]

The BEST Power Setting For Micro Welding With and Without Argon | Free Chart Table Resource

the best power setting for micro welding permanent jewelry

Optimal Power Setting is one that gives a consistent and secure weld, while not over melting the metal. So for a jump ring, this would mean that it does not flat top or warped. To determine the optimal setting for each type of metal and thickness, I welded the jump ring and the try to […]


jewelry making tutorial welding cocktail ring

A wonderfully creative idea for both cocktail parties and gift-giving! A Magnetic Ring will not only be lots of fun, but it can also double as a cocktail glass marker. You will never mistake your class at any parties again! Stay safe and have lots of fun. In this episode, I demonstrate how to create […]

Sunstone Micro-welder Comparison for Handmade and Permanent Jewelry Artisans

In this video, I compare the lineup of micro welders in the permanent jewellery industry, made by Sunstone Engineering in Utah, USA. There has been an introduction of many new welders, with differing features and price points to meet the demands of the rapidly expanding Permanent Jewelry industry. I have been repeatedly asked the differences […]