How to Use the Amoracast Pineapple Cap

How to Use the Amoracast Pineapple Cap

This video shows you how to use the popular Amoracast Pineapple Crown caps! These lovely little caps are available   Sterling Silver   and 14kt, anti-tarnish  Gold Vermeille . 

To make a necklace using the Amoracast Pineapple Crown Caps you are going to need the following:

1.  Amoracast Pineapple Crown Cap 

2.  A bead no smaller than 4mm 

3.  A head or ball pin 

4.  A finished chain 

5.  A jump ring 

6.  Round and chain nose pliers

7. Wire Cutters


Simply slide your bead, onto the pin, followed by the pineapple cap. Using your round nose pliers, create a wrap at the top of the cap. Open the jump ring, with flat nose pliers. Add the jump ring to your pineapple and onto the chain. Close the jump ring with your pliers.  


Want to make exactly what you see in the video? Here are the items we used:  

 Gold Vermeille Pineapple Crown Cap (FC2IV) 

 50mm Gold Filled Ball Pin (FI0JG) 

 8mm Untreated Lava Beads (SX5EO) 

 20ga 4mm Gold Filled Jump Ring (FJ01G) 

 18 inch Gold Filled Cable Flat Oval Chain (CF2RG)