Monthly Archives: August 2018

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: Part 5 – Earring Displays

When displaying earrings sometimes you just need height, sometimes you have limited space or a lot of empty table space. There are also times when the statement pieces just won’t fit into standard earring racks.  It’s important to find unique objects that can be repurposed. At this pop-up, I’ve used desktop foldable postcard/photograph holders from Umbra […]

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: part 4 – Merchandising Colours

Thin jewelry can become visually lost when merchandised with chunkier pieces. The best way to provide visual impact when you have a mixture of sizes is to group them by colour. Purples, pinks and wines work well together. Likewise, reds, oranges and browns group well. I find that it’s best to create sections with trays […]

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: Part 3

When planning a Pop-Up shop that needs to be packed up and transported quickly stackable jewellery trays come in very handy.   These lightweight stackable plastic trays are available in 3/4″ to 2″ depths, and commonly come in black and white. You should use tray inserts to cushion and pin any items to, and they they […]

Setting Up a Pop-Up Shop: Part 2

When merchandising a Pop-Up shop, or even an in-store display, it’s most visually appealing to have a focal point. Working with odd numbers: 3, 5 and 7’s in terms of displays is great for drawing the eye towards your products. Displaying items at different heights also helps to lessen the visual tension in merchandising and […]